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Universities have traditionally been the source of new knowledge. This new knowledge has usually come from research or creative activities, and closely relates to graduate study. To enhance this tradition, the School of Graduate Studies encourages all forms of scholarly efforts by the graduate faculty and graduate students.

Instruction at the graduate level at Wright State often means that students are actively involved in cutting edge research. Professors share with their students the experience of seeking new knowledge, and students in turn gain insight into what is involved in a research project. This entails not only familiarity with the techniques being used, but also a sense of the intellectual rigor and honesty that academic scholarship demands.

At any one time, there are over 300 research projects being conducted by WSU faculty. These projects are funded by more than 200 "sponsors," including federal and state agencies, nonprofits and businesses, and foreign organizations. Most research is done in the university's extensive research facilities, but a large proportion is performed in the field and at other collaborating institutions.

Research, in the broad sense of seeking new knowledge, is not limited to laboratory and field experiments in the natural sciences, but includes correlation studies, naturalistic observations, economic research, historical and other documentary studies, and virtually any scholarly investigation in any field. To help sustain all these research efforts, the university has established a multi-layered support system.

The dean of the School of Graduate Studies also serves as associate provost for research. Within the latter's scope of authority lies the university's Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, which identifies sources of external funding, assists faculty in submitting proposals, and administers resulting awards. Research assistantships, which are one mechanism to enable graduate students to assist in research projects, are often funded through external grants and contracts.

The associate provost for research is the institutional official responsible for university compliance with federal and state guidelines for the ethical conduct of research. Research boards and committees monitor all research and instruction involving the use of human subjects, laboratory animals, radioisotopes, and radiation-producing devices. Graduate student researchers will be introduced to the issues of research ethics and safety to help them meet the high standards of performance required for appropriate research conduct.

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