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2004-2005 Graduate Catalog
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Graduate Faculty

* Graduate Faculty
** Associate Graduate Faculty


*Gabbert, Janice J. Professor Emerita of Classics
B.A., 1970, Wright State University; M.A., 1972, Ph.D., 1982, University of Cincinnati

**Gains, Elliot Associate Professor of Communications
B.A., 1972, Rutgers University, M.A., 1993, Ph.D. 1995, Ohio University

*Gallagher, John C. Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering
B.S., 1989, M.S., 1991, Ph.D., 1998, Case Western Reserve University

**Gallenstein, Nancy L. Assistant Professor of Education
B.A., 1971, Thomas More College; M.Ed., 1992, Montana State University; Ph.D., 1995, Utah State University

*Gallimore, Jennie Professor of Biomedical, Industrial and Human Factors Engineering
B.A., 1983, M.A., 1985, California State University; Ph.D., 1989, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

*Garber, Fred D. Associate Professor and Chair of Electrical Engineering
B.S., 1975, Tri-State University; M.S., 1978, Ph.D., 1983, University of Illinois at UrbanaĄChampaign

*Gargas, Michael L. Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology
A.S., 1979, George Washington University; B.S., 1984, Ph.D., 1988, Wright State University

**Garner, Nancy G. Associate Professor of History
B.A., 1980, William Jewell College; M.L.S., 1981, University of Maryland; Ph.D., 1994, University of Kansas

**Garner, Rochelle Assistant Professor of Education
B.A., 1985, M.Ed., 1992, Howard University; Ph.D., 2002, Miami University

*Garrison, David Lee Professor of Spanish and Portuguese; Chair, Department of Modern Languages
B.A., 1968, Wesleyan University; M.A., 1972, Catholic University of America; Ph.D., 1975, The Johns Hopkins University; M.A., 1978, Indiana University

*Gayle, G. William Professor of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
B.S., 1974, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; M.S., 1977, University of Wisconsin at La Crosse; Ph.D., 1988, The Ohio State University

*Geibert, Ronald Professor of Art and Art History
B.F.A., 1974, Creighton University; M.F.A., 1979, University of Nebraska

**Gershenzon, Naum I. Research Associate Professor
of Physics Ph.D., 1984, Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)

**Gibbons, Cynthia Assistant Professor of Nursing
B.S.N., 1975, University of Cincinnati; M.S.N., 1983, University of Kentucky; Ph.D., 1993, University of Pittsburgh

**Gillig, Paulette M. Professor of Psychiatry; Chief Clinical Officer, Logan-Champaign Counties Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Services Board
B.A., 1970, State University of New York at Buffalo; M.A., 1970, Ph.D., 1976, The Ohio State University; M.D., 1977, Medical College of Ohio

*Gilkey, Robert H. Associate Professor of Psychology
A.B., 1976, University of California at Berkeley; Ph.D., 1981, Indiana University

*Gilpin, Roger K. Mead Professor of Environmental Sciences and Professor of Chemistry
B.S., 1969, Indiana State University; Ph.D., 1973, University of Arizona

*Giron, David J. Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences
B.A., 1958, Los Angeles State College; M.A., 1963, Ph.D., 1968, University of Texas at Austin

*Glaus, Kathleen Professor of Professional Psychology and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, School of Professional Psychology
B.S., 1971, Ph.D., 1976, Ohio University; Psy.D., 1988, Wright State University

Goldenberg, Kim Professor of Medicine; President
B.E.S., State University of New York at Stony Brook; M.Sc., Polytechnic Institute of New York; M.D., Albany Medical College

*Goldfarb, Ivan J. Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
B.S., 1953, University of Kentucky; M.S., 1955, Ph.D., 1959, University of Cincinnati

*Goldfinger, Melvyn D. Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Physiology
B.A., 1969, Rutgers University; M.S., 1972, University of Maryland; Ph.D., 1978, State University of New York

*Goldstein, David L. Professor of Biological Sciences; Chair, Department of Biological Sciences
B.A., 1979, University of Pennsylvania; M.A., 1980, Ph.D., 1983, University of California, Los Angeles

*Golshani, Forouzan Professor of Computer Science and Computer Enineering; Chair, Department of Compuer Science and Engineering
B.S., 1976, Arya Mehr University of Technology (Iran); M.S., 1979, Ph.D., 1982, Warwick University (U.K.)

*Goshtasby, A. Ardeshir Professor of Computer Science and Computer Engineering
B.E., 1974, University of Tokyo (Japan); M.S., 1975, University of Kentucky; Ph.D., 1983, Michigan State University

*Graham, Glenn T. Professor Emeritus of Education
B.S., 1962, M.A., 1965, Ed.D., 1966, University of Pittsburgh

*Graham, Margaret Clark Professor of Nursing
B.S.N., 1975, University of Virginia; M.S.N., 1977, Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., 1989, The Ohio State University

**Graham, T. Scott Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership
B.S., 1976, Virginia Commonwealth University; M.S., 1984, Embry-Riddle University; M.S., 1985, Air Force Institute of Technology; Ph.d., 1992, University of Georgia

*Graman, Gregory A. Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management
B.S., 1970, M.B.A., 1993, M.S., 1996, Ph.D., 1999, University of Cincinnati

*Grandhi, Ramana V. Professor of Mechanical Engineering; University Professor; Director, Engineering
Ph.D. Program B.Tech., 1978, Regional Engineering College, Warangal (India); M.Tech., 1980, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (India); Ph.D., 1984, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

*Grasman, Keith A. Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
B.S., 1989, Calvin College; M.S., 1992, Ph.D., 1995, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

*Gray, Bobbe Assistant Professor of Nursing
B.S.N., 1977, St. John-Ursuline College; M.S.N., 1982, Ph.D., 2001, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, Case Western Reserve University

*Green, Barbara Associate Professor of History
B.A., 1973, Presbyterian College; M.A., 1975, North Texas State University; Ph.D., 1980, University of Missouri

*Green, December Professor of Political Science
B.A., 1982, M.A., 1983, Ph.D., 1988, University of South Carolina

**Greenspan, James Professor of Accountancy; Department Chair
B.A., 1979, Dickinson College; M.B.A., 1981, M.S., 1984, Drexel University; Ph.D., 1986, Texas A&M University

*Gregor, C. Bryan Professor of Geological Sciences
B.A., 1951, M.A., 1954, Peterhouse (England); D.Sc., 1967, Utrecht State (Netherlands)

*Gressis, Nicolas Professor of Finance
M.S., 1965, University of Rome (Italy); Ph.D., 1975, The Pennsylvania State University

Griffin, Paul R. Professor of Religion
B.A., 1973, Wright State University; M.Div., 1976, United Theological Seminary; Ph.D., 1983, Emory University

*Grossie, David A. Associate Professor of Chemistry
B.S., 1977, Texas Lutheran College; Ph.D., 1982, Texas Christian University

*Gulas, Charles S. Associate Professor of Marketing
B.S., B.A., 1984, M.B.A., 1986, Youngstown State University; Ph.D., 1994, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Gupta, Pola B. Associate Professor of Marketing
B.S., 1972, S.V. University, Tirupathi; M.B.A., 1985, Ph.D., 1988, State University of New York at Buffalo

**Guthrie, James R. Professor of English
B.A., 1973, The University of Michigan; M.A., 1976, M.F.A., 1976, Ph.D., 1979, State University of New York at Buffalo

**Guy, Stephen R. Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
B.S., 1977, Wright State University; M.D., 1981, The Ohio State University School of Medicine

* Graduate Faculty
** Associate Graduate Faculty

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