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2004-2005 Graduate Catalog
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Graduate Faculty

* Graduate Faculty
** Associate Graduate Faculty


*Cambronero, Julian G. Professor of Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Physiology
Ph.D., 1986, Universidad Complutense of Madrid (Spain)

**Cameron, Beth L. Assistant Professot of Nursing
B.A., 1972, Cornell Univrsity, B.S.N., 1976, Cornell University, M.S., 1981 University of Rochester, N.D., 2001, Rush University

**Carlsen, Roger N. Assistant Professor of Education
B.S., 1967, Northern Illinois University; M.S., 1972, Chicago State University; Ed.D., 1979, Western Michigan University

**Carlson, Robert Professor Community Health
B.A, 1977, M.A., 1982, University of Missouri; Ph.D., 1989, University of Illinois

*Carmichael, Wayne W. Professor of Biological Sciences; Director, Environmental Sciences
Ph.D. Program B.S., 1969, Oregon State University; M.S., 1972, Ph.D., 1974, University of Alberta

*Carney, Cindy K. Associate Professor of Geological Sciences
B.S., 1980, Youngstown State University; Ph.D., 1987, West Virginia University

*Caron, Linda Professor of Art History and Department Chair
B.A., 1976, Smith College; Ph.D., 1981, Bryn Mawr College

*Carrafiello, Susan B. Associate Professor of History; Director, University Honors Program
B.A., 1982, Mississippi State University; M.A., 1984, Ph.D., 1992, Vanderbilt University

*Carusone, Peter S. Professor Emeritus of Marketing
B.F.A., 1962, University of Cincinnati; M.B.A., 1965, Xavier University; Ph.D., 1969, The Ohio State University

*Cary, Cecile W. Associate Professor Emerita of English
B.A., 1959, Macalester College; M.A., 1963, Ph.D., 1969, Washington University

*Cary, Norman R. Professor Emeritus of English
B.A., 1958, Asbury College; M.A., 1960, University of Arkansas; Ph.D., 1968, Wayne State University

**Cebulash, Glen H. Professor of Art and Art History
B.F.A., 1988, Boston University, M.F.A., 1991, The American University

Cha, In-Hong Assistant Professor of Music; Director, Orchestral Studies
Artist Diploma, 1986, College Consortium of Music; M.A., 1988, City College of New York; D.M.A., 1999, University of South Carolina

**Chaffee, Christopher L. Instructor of Music
B.M., University of Rochester, M.M., Michigan State university, D.M.A., University of Cincinnati, College of Conservatory Music

*Chamberlain, Ava Associate Professor of Religion; Director, Master of Humanities Program
B.A., 1978, University of the South; M.A., 1980, Ph.D., 1990, Columbia University

*Chen, Chien-In Henry Professor of Electrical Engineering
B.S., 1981, National Taiwan University (Taiwan); M.S., 1986, University of Iowa; Ph.D., 1989, University of Minnesota

*Cheng, Songlin Associate Professor of Geological Sciences
B.S., 1972, National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan); M.S., 1979, Wright State University; Ph.D., 1984, University of Arizona

*Cherrington, Candace Assistant Professor of Nursing
B.S.N., 1985, Capital University; M.N., 1988, The University of Kansas; Ph.D., 2001, The Ohio State University

**Choi, Jung Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management
B.A., 1993, M.B.A., 1995, University of Houston; Ph.D., 1997, University of Texas at Arlington

*Chumlea, William Cameron Professor Community Health and Pediatrics
Ph.D., 1978, University of Texas at Austin

*Chung, Soon M. Professor of Computer Science and Computer Engineering
B.S., 1979, Seoul National University (South Korea); M.S., 1981, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea); Ph.D., 1989, Syracuse University

*Ciarallo, Frank Assistant Professor of Biomedical, Industrial and Human Factors Engineering
B.S., 1986, M.S., 1988, Ph.D., 1993, Carnegie Mellon University

*Cipollini, Donald F., Jr. Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
B.S., 1990, M.S., 1993, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., 1997, The Pennsylvania State University

*Claflin, Dragana Assistant Professor of Psychology
A.B., 1988, Vassar College; Ph.D., 1994, University of Southern California

*Clark, Jerry D. Associate Professor of Physics
B.S., 1976, University of Texas at Arlington; Ph.D., 1982, University of Texas at Dallas

*Cleary, Michael J. Professor Emeritus of Management Science
B.S., 1961, Norwich University; M.A., 1969, Ph.D., 1971, University of Nebraska

*Cole, Donna Professor of Education
B.A., 1971, Cleveland State University; M.A., 1975, West Virginia University; Ph.D., 1980, University of Utah

*Coleman, Joseph W. Associate Professor of Information Systems and Operations Management
B.S., 1967, The Pennsylvania State University; M.B.A., 1975, Golden Gate University; Ph.D., 1982, Arizona State University

*Colle, Herbert A. Associate Professor of Psychology
B.S., 1965, University of Wisconsin; Ph.D., 1969, University of Washington

**Collier, Jacqueline K. Assistant Professor of Education
B.S., 1967, University of Dayton; M.Ed., 1977, Wright State University; Ph.D., 1996, University of Miami

*Cool, David R. Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology
B.S., 1985, M.S., 1988, Wright State University; Ph.D., 1991, The Medical College of Georgia

*Cope, Timothy C. Professor and Department Chair, Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Physiology
B.S., 1975, University of California at Los Angeles, M.S., 1977, University of California at Los Angeles, Ph.D. ,1980, Duke University

*Corbett, Adrian M. Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Physiology
B.S., 1978, Texas A&M University at Galveston; Ph.D., 1984, University of Miam

*Cornelius, Kenneth C. Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
B.S., 1968, M.S., 1971, Ph.D., 1978, Michigan State University

*Correale, Robert M. Professor Emeritus of English
A.B., 1955, Saint Bonaventure University; M.A., 1960, Siena College; Ph.D., 1971, University of Cincinnati

**Craighead, Robert L. Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
B.S., 1964, Tennessee A&I State University; M.S., 1970, University of Wyoming; Ph.D, 1991, The Ohio State University

**Crites, Gerald Assistant Professor Community Health
B.S., 1987 Bowling Green State University; M.D., 1991 The Ohio State University College of Medicine

*Crum, Gary Adjunct Assistant Professor, Comunity Health
B.S., 1967, College of William & Mary; M.S, 1969, University of Kentucky; Ph.D., 1972, University of Kentucky, M.P.H., 1973, Columbia University; M.A. 1983 George Washinton Univesity

**Crusan, Deborah Associate Professor of English; and Director of ESL
B.S., 1988, Slippery Rock University; M.S., 1996, Ph.D., 1999, The Pennsylvania State University

*Cummings, Sue C. Professor Emerita of Chemistry
B.A., 1963, Northwestern University; M.S. 1965, Ph.D., 1968, The Ohio State University

*Curry, Donna Miles Associate Professor of Nursing
B.S.N., 1976, M.S.N., 1979, St. Louis University; Ph.D., 1991, The Ohio State University

**Curry-Jackson, Anita E. Associate Professor of Social Work and Dean, Lake Campus
B.A., 1968, LeMoyne-Owen College; M.S.S.A., 1970, Case Western Reserve University; Ph.D., 1987, Atlanta University

* Graduate Faculty
** Associate Graduate Faculty

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