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2004-2005 Graduate Catalog
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Student-Centered Resources, Facilities, and Activities

Community Standards and Student Conduct and Enrollment Services

The Office of the Vice President for Community Standards and Student Conduct and Enrollment Services establishes broad goals and a vision for Student Affairs consistent with the mission of the university. Department directors manage planning, policy implementation, research, and evaluation, as well as maintain an advocacy role for all Wright State University students. In that capacity, the division provides many services, facilities, and co-curricular activities designed to create an environment in which students can grow intellectually, culturally, emotionally, physically, and socially. Community Standards and Student Conduct administrators manage budget and personnel services, publications, communications, data analysis and reporting, and resolve student issues. The office is dedicated to creating a strong student voice on campus and supporting excellence in education.

The departments within the Division of Community Standards and Student Conduct and Enrollment Services include Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid, Residence Services, Career Services, Disability Services, Student Activities, Campus Recreation, Intercollegiate Athletics, Student Union, University Police, Psychological Services, Student Health Services, Community Standards and Student Conduct, Greek Affairs, and Student Support Services. Select services are highlighted in this section of the catalog. Students are encouraged to refer to the Student Handbook, available in the Office of Student Life or online at www.wright.edu/students/handbook/, for a complete description of each of these services.

Career Services

Career Services offers a variety of services to assist students in exploring career options and enhancing their job search skills when seeking part-time student employment, cooperative education/internships, as well as full-time career employment. Students may avail themselves of individual career advising, a career resource center, on-campus interviewing opportunities, and Recruiting Days and events throughout the year. Additionally, student may become registered users of The Wright Search, an online database of student resumes and job postings, to post their resumes, view job postings, sign up for on-campus interviews, and search for alumni mentors. Visit the Career Services Web page at http://career.wright.edu.

Center for Psychological Services

The Center for Psychological Services (CPS) offers a variety of services to assist students in coping with personal or emotional concerns, so as to enhance their academic performance and improve their general well-being. The Center offers a warm, relaxed, and confidential place to talk. Meeting with a therapist can be an important step in relieving stress as well as identifying strategies for addressing concerns. Therapy is offered in individual, couples, family and/or group modalities. In addition to therapy, we also provide psychological assessment, consultation, and psycho-educational seminars. Some examples of issues that may be addressed with our staff include: relationship problems, academic problems, family conflict, alcohol/drug use, sexual/physical abuse, panic/anxiety, depression, eating disorders, grief issues, and low self-esteem. All communications between a client and therapist are completely confidential and private. The Center for Psychological Services does not release information to University administrators or faculty, parents, family members, or outside agencies without the client's written authorization or as required by Ohio Law. Students who are insured under the Wright State University Student Health Insurance plan receive unlimited treatment at no cost. Students who are not insured under the WSU Student Health Insurance plan receive 12 sessions per academic year at no cost. Beginning with the 13th session, a fee of $10.00 per session is applied. Each fee is billed through the Bursar's Office as a "FAWC Clinic Fee." The Center is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located on the second floor of the Frederic A. White Health Center.

Student Health Services

Student Health Services provides primary health care for all students. It is staffed by a nurse practitioner with prescriptive authority, a part-time family practice physician, and registered nurses who can treat illnesses and injuries and who will assess, treat, and refer more serious problems to the appropriate health care resource. The providers can perform health physicals and wellness checks, such as PAP smears and birth control. Student Health Service is located in the Frederick A. White Health Center. The Wright State University student health insurance program in administered through Student Health Services.

Services for Students With Disabilities

Extending the opportunities of higher education to people with disabilities is a high priority at Wright State. We rank as a leader in adapted physical facilities, and campus buildings have been designed to be free of architectural barriers. Ramps and ground-level entrances lead to each building and all buildings have adapted restrooms and elevator access to every floor. An underground tunnel system links most campus buildings.

The Office of Disability Services promotes the realization of each studentÍs potential by offering services in physical, academic, personal, and/or vocational areas. These services are provided on the basis of individual need, allowing students with physical or learning disabilities to pursue college educations.

Physical support services are designed to enable each student to be as independent as possible and include personal assistance for dressing and hygiene needs; adapted campus parking; assistance in locating on- or off-campus adapted housing; training in activities of daily living to achieve a greater degree of independence; campus mobility orientation for visually impaired students; and other related services.

The academic support services are designed to assist students with physical or learning disabilities in meeting all academic requirements. These include textbooks in alternative formats for students who have a visual impairment, learning disability, or an extensive physical disability; test proctoring for students who need reading or writing assistance, adaptive computers, and/or extra time to complete a test; and academic aids that accommodate individuals with disabilities in meeting class requirements and coursework in adaptive computer technology.

The vocational program assists students in making realistic occupational choices. Opportunities exist in the planning and development of a career, and there are services designed to provide experience at various employment sites. These methods allow students to make a realistic decision about a future career and ensure that students are able to meet the demands of the occupation.

Applicants requiring services available for students with disabilities are strongly encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Services prior to admission to make arrangements for the necessary services.

Police Department

The Wright State University police department, the official law enforcement agency for the university, provides police services 24 hours a day. Among the services provided are personal safety escorts, crime prevention, support services, investigation units, and educational programs that focus on the topics of crime awareness and prevention. To increase safety within the campus community, emergency phones are locat4ed throughout the campus in buildings, parking lots, and other remote areas. These phones ring directly into the Wright State police department communications center to ensure an immediate response to all potential emergency situations..

Statistical Consulting Center

The Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) is a research support service providing consulting services to fully-affiliated faculty, staff, and graduate students who have statistical needs. It is staffed by a Ph.D.-level director, professional statisticians, a statistical services specialist, and student workers. In addition, graduate students from the applied statistics program participate in the SCC as part of a required course in their curriculum, STT 791 Statistical Consulting.

Any graduate student who deals with data in doing research is urged to seek the advice and assistance of consultants at the SCC. Even if the graduate student carries out all of his/her own statistical design and analysis work, it is worthwhile to pass it by a consultant at the SCC to check on the validity of the research design, adequacy of the sample size, appropriateness of the statistical model, and accuracy and reliability of the results.

Assistance is provided on a "walk-in" basis for short research questions. For a long-term, more substantial consulting relationship, a schedule can be arranged. All graduate students must have their advisor's permission to receive assistance from the SCC. In fact, it is recommended that the advisor join the graduate student in meeting with the SCC consultant.

In order to discuss your statistical needs, simply stop by the SCC at 130 MM building or call the SCC secretary at 775-4205 to have an appointment arranged for you. Or visit our Web site at http://www.math.wright.edu/MS/SCC/. The SCC is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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