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Specific services are available at the Lake Campus in the following areas.

Admission, Registration, and Fees
The staff at the Lake Campus can help students complete the application for admission. Lake Campus staff can also accept registrations for any Wright State University class and process the collection of student fees.

Financial Aid
Many forms of financial assistance are available to deserving students whose personal and family financial resources are insufficient to meet their educational expenses. For complete information, contact the financial aid officer at the Lake Campus. Counselors are available to discuss your situation and the various possibilities for financial assistance.

Student Employment
A limited amount of student employment is available to students who wish to work to help finance their education or just to earn extra spending money. Students can obtain information about job opportunities through the Office of Student Services. For on-campus jobs, students may be employed through the Federal Work-Study Program or the regular employment program.

The Lake Campus provides numerous scholarships for both high school seniors and continuing students. The scholarships are awarded on both academic and need-based criteria. Students apply by filling out a Lake Campus Scholarship application. Awards range from a $200 book scholarship to full tuition. Students are also eligible for some main campus scholarships that can be used at the Lake Campus. Inquire at the Lake Campus Financial Aid Office.

Counseling and Testing
Professional counseling is provided free to Lake Campus students. This service includes evaluation of personal interests, abilities, needs, and values; placement and aptitude testing; and help in selecting careers. Services are by appointment. Although counseling and testing are available to everyone, freshmen students are especially urged to use these benefits so they can begin planning early for their career development.

Academic Advising
Academic advising is provided to all Lake Campus students. Through this service, students can get advice in planning the schedule of courses they will take during their college career. Students must consider General Education requirements, classes in specialized fields, courses that must be taken in sequence, and electives. Advisors make course recommendations, assist students in planning and scheduling, and provide individualized academic information to help ensure that students meet degree requirements and gain appropriate career skills. Incoming freshmen students are required to meet with an academic advisor.

The Lake Campus makes every effort to help students who experience academic difficulty. In addition to counseling to improve study skills, tutoring is provided in English, reading, mathematics, and most other subject areas.

Academic and Instructional Services

The Office of Academic and Instructional Services (AIS) provides opportunities for both students and faculty to ensure their success in their academic endeavors.

For students at all levels of academic proficiency, such opportunities include tutoring, study sessions, and independent/individualized instruction in conjunction with another department and/or through AIS itself. These services are available to any WSU-LC student. Computer software packages and audiovisual materials facilitate basic skill improvement as well as accelerated progress in certain subjects or skills. In addition, AIS personnel assist students with disabilities in the realization of their potential by providing such supplemental services as extended testing arrangements, test proctoring, counseling, tutoring, and taped textbooks. Finally, AIS outreach programs address unique needs of special populations, e.g., Adults Supporting Adults Project (ASAP).

For both full-time and adjunct faculty, AIS focuses on instructional practices and academic policies and procedures, as well as providing opportunities to become acquainted with the teaching experience of other colleagues at Wright State University-Lake Campus. An ongoing scholarly lecture series benefits both faculty and students by providing opportunities for educational exchanges that would otherwise be difficult to access in the rural locale in which the Lake Campus is located. Through such educational activities, AIS will enhance the faculty's exposure to different ways of teaching the skills needed by students in today's world.

Job Placement
The Lake Campus assists graduates in locating suitable employment. Employers frequently contact the Lake Campus for their hiring needs, and a job board is maintained.

A vital part of the Lake Campus is the library. The Lake Campus library is a full-service facility offering full text versions of over 6,000 journals, 125 databases, and access to 30 million books via OhioLINK. The library has over 30,000 volumes on hand and can obtain interlibrary loans from over 4,000 libraries in the United States. Multimedia reserves can also be obtained through OhioLINK.

Veterans' Services
The staff in the Office of the Registrar at the Lake Campus will help qualifying individuals prepare the necessary forms and will follow through with the regional Veterans Administration office to ensure that students receive their VA benefits.

The Cottage Bookstore is operated by Wright State for the convenience of Lake Campus students, providing textbooks, academic supplies, WSU apparel, and gifts.

Child Care
A child care partnership has been formed with the Auglaize/Mercer YMCA, providing convenient, on-campus child care services to students who are enrolled in one or more classes at the Lake Campus.

YMCA Membership
While enrolled at the Lake Campus, each student has full acceess to the facilities at the Auglaize/Mercer Counties Family YMCA.


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