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University College
Raj Soin College of Buisness
College of Education and Human Services
Engineering and Computer Science
Liberal Arts
College of Nursing and Health
Sollege of Science and Math
Lake Campus
Admissions and Advising
Degrees and Areas of Study
Student Organizations
African and African American Studies
Art and Art History
Criminal Justice
English Language and Litratures
International Studies
Liberal Studies
Modern Languages
Motion Pictures
Policitcal Science
Selected Studies
Social and Industrial Communicaiton
Social Science Education
Social Work
Sociology and Anthropology
Theatre Arts
Urban Afairs and Geography
Womens Studies

College of Liberal Arts

Interim Dean Charles S. Taylor
Associate Dean Sharon H. Nelson
Assistant Dean Roberta Boyd
Assistant Dean Robert A. Wood

Art and Art History Linda Caron
Classics David L. Barr (interim)
Communication James E. Sayer
Economics James Swaney
English Language and Literatures Henry S. Limouze
History Edward Haas
Modern Languages David Lee Garrison
Music Herbert Dregalla, Jr.
Philosophy David L. Barr (interim)
Political Science Donna Schlagheck
Religion David L. Barr (interim)
Social Work Carl F. Brun
Sociology and Anthropology Robert V. Riordan
Theatre Arts W. Stuart McDowell
Urban Affairs and Geography Jack Dustin

Program Director/Coordinator
African and African American Studies Paul R. Griffin
Criminal Justice Charles Funderburk
International Studies December Green
Liberal Studies Mark Sirkin
Selected Studies Sharon H. Nelson
Social and Industrial Communication James E. Sayer
Social Science Education Carol M. Engelhardt
Women's Studies Kelli Zaytoun

The College of Liberal Arts offers a wide variety of degree programs in the fine arts, the humanities, and the social sciences. The college also helps prepare students for professional and graduate study and cooperates with other colleges in offering joint professional and preprofessional programs. The college contributes the largest number of courses to the university's General Education Program, providing students with much of the knowledge that is at the heart of a broad liberal education, as well as many of the skills and habits of mind that are the mark of an educated person.

The college offers four undergraduate degrees: the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Fine Arts, the Bachelor of Science, and the Bachelor of Music. The college also offers master's degree programs in English, history, humanities, music, and applied behavioral science.

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