Department of Biomedical, Industrial and Human Factors Engineering

Thomas N. Hangartner, Ph.D.

BME 732   Thursday
Spring 2011   208 Russ Center

This course provides an in-depth discussion of specific problems in the field of computed tomography based on selected journal articles. Download articles from the following web site:



Brooks RA, DiChiro G (1976): Principles of Computer Assisted Tomography (CAT) in Radiographic and Radioisotopic Imaging. Phys Med Biol 21:689-732.

Rüegsegger P, Hangartner T, Keller HU, Hinderling T (1978): Standardization of Computed Tomography Images by Means of a Material-Selective Beam Hardening Correction. J Comput Assist Tomogr 2:184-188.

Hangartner T (1987): Correction of Scatter in Computed Tomography Images of Bone. Med Phys 14:335-340.

Müller A, Rüegsegger P, Seitz P (1985): Optimal CT Settings for Bone Evaluations. Phys Med Biol 30:401-409.

Genant HK, Boyd D (1977): Quantitative Bone Mineral Analysis Using Dual Energy Computed Tomography. Investigative Radiology 12:545-551.

Goodsitt MM, Rosenthal DI, Reinus WR, Coumas J (1987): Two Postprocessing CTTechniques for Determining the Composition of Trabecular Bone. Investigative Radiology 22:209-15.

Robertson DD, Weiss PJ, Fishman EK, Magiol D, Walker PS (1988): Evaluation of CT Techniques for Reducing Artifacts in the Presence of Metallic Orthopedic Implants. J Comput Assist Tomogr 12:236-241.

Course Philosophy: Acquisition of knowledge through the study of journal articles. This requires a major individual effort from each student. In order                                to provide time for this effort, the class will meet only once per week, the other class meeting time is reserved for study of the                                articles. During the actual class meeting, the material of the journal article will be illuminated through in-depth discussion.                                 Individual students will be called upon to provide a summary of the studied article and lead the discussion.

Grading:                  —Class attendance and contribution                                20%
                               —Quizzes on journal article content                                 25%
                               —Presentation of article overview                                   25%                             
                               —Term paper                                                                 30%

Offices:                  244 Russ Center, WSU campus; ext. 5070

Office Hours:          Mondays, 1:00 - 2:00 pm; for other times, make appointment by sending me an e-mail at thomas.hangartner@wright.edu





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