Current Projects

Completed Projects


Research and development at the BioMedical Imaging Laboratory involves
  • development of new methods to quantitatively image bone
  • improvement of existing methods of bone analysis
  • development of concepts and phantoms for quality assurance and control
  • clinical bone densitometry

The research performed at the laboratory is highly interdisciplinary, involving

  • physics of radiation (interaction of radiation with matter, generation and detection of ionizing radiation)
  • electronics (amplification of detector signals, interfacing of peripheral devices with computers)
  • mechanical engineering (scanner gantries, x-y-z motion tables, sample and patient positioning devices)
  • computer science (drivers for peripheral scanning and data collection devices, programs for scanner operation and data collection, data bases for individual and longitudinal data analyses)
  • image processing (extraction of relevant parameters from images, longitudinal comparison of serially collected images)






Updated January, 2013