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The natural synergy between neuroscience and physiology is maximized in the Wright State University Ph.D. Program. Both areas of study involve investigating the fundamental role that ion channels and transporters play in the function of the cell, the organ, and the whole animal. Broad topics in this area include nerve and muscle excitability; nervous system and behavioral plasticity; and fluid and electrolyte balance.

Research and training in neuroscience is growing dramatically at Wright State University, just as it is in the international scientific community.

In the Neuroscience Focus Area, our laboratories use molecular biology, fluorescence and electron microscopy imaging, theoretical modeling, and electrophysiology to address questions such as

  • What limits recovery following nerve injury
  • When does classical conditioning first develop in humans?
  • What goes wrong in sudden infant death syndrome?

The scientific environment for neuroscience on campus is further strengthened by the newly established Comprehensive Neuroscience Center which organizes research and training resources and sponsors scholarly events.

In the Physiology Focus Area, our laboratories use molecular biology, live video imaging, and electrophysiology to address questions such as

  • How do animals use salt and water balance to adapt to diverse environments?
  • Can disruption of a single ion transporter lead to hypertension?
  • Does inhibition of ion channels lead to excessive fluid secretion in Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

Our work has important consequences as researchers around the world attempt to understand and treat debilitating illnesses. The neuroscience and physiology concentration covers a broad range of interests from genetic level study to behavioral and theoretical research. If you want close interaction with research experts, hands on experience with cutting edge equipment, and a strong academic foundation, we have what you’re looking for! Please feel free to take a look at our other areas of concentration or select contact.


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