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Quotes from students:
“Everyone knows who you are you are not just a number.”
“I really like the fact that the program is growing”
“I get excited about coming up with my own ideas”
“There are a number of investigators that I can go to for questions, that I can just drop in their lab any time and they tend to be really good.”
“Its very fast paced and I really like the challenge”
“Although it seems like a small university, but there is a lot of exposure that we get too, which we’d be missing in other big universities for sure.

Do you want a biomedical sciences Ph.D. from a University big enough to be at the forefront of research, but small enough to give you personal attention? Do you want to focus on your area of study, without becoming isolated? Do you want to personally interact with experts in your day to day work? Do you want to learn in an environment where you know you are valued as an individual?

Then look no further than Wright State University: Ohio’s first interdisciplinary biomedical sciences PhD program.
The Dayton area’s fame as a center of innovation began over 100 years ago with the Wright Brothers. That reputation continues to this day, thanks in no small part to the spirit of innovation that continues here at the University that bears their name. In the Wright State Biomedical Sciences PhD program, our research is cutting edge, but our methods of education and training are also setting a new standard for Ph.D education.

“At this level you really do need that kind of support. You need the ability to work one one one with your advisor, and that's definitely here.”

Graduates from our program have rewarding, well paying careers in a wide range of fields. The possibilities are incredible. You could work to cure diseases which plague our society. Or you can choose to work in fields across a broad spectrum of disciplines
Whatever your area of interest, the Wright State Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. Program has the flexibility to give you the training you need. No where is this more apparent than in the options for incoming students.

“In the first year they gave me the opportunity to rotate in three different labs. So I could experience what kind of research goes on in the labs and see it first hand and then make up my mind as to whom to choose as my mentor and what kind of research I am going to pursue for the rest of the three for four years I was here.”

The Wright State University Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. Program is built on traditional biomedical departments, and we’ve organized our training focus into 4 areas of concentration:
Neuroscience and Physiology
Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology
Structural and Quantitative Biology, and
Integrative Biology and Toxicology

Whatever your area of interest, take a few minutes and see how “it all works together” at Wright State University.


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