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What do we mean when we say, “It all works together” at the Wright State University Biomedical Sciences PhD program? First, let’s get an important detail out of the way: we know that all Ph.D. Students need to be able to support themselves.

The good news is that our stipend for biomedical science PhD students is competitive with the nation’s leading universities. This good news becomes great news when combined with the low cost of living here in the Dayton area.

But the great news gets even better. As a mid-sized city, Dayton enables you to experience cosmopolitan living without all the headaches of larger cities. There’s always something going on in Dayton, from professional and collegiate sports to arts and music to shopping and recreational activities. And where ever you are in Dayton, you’re always within a few minutes of great hiking, biking, and water sports areas.

Dayton is also centrally located, within easy reach of several other large cities. Here at Wright State University, we know your time is important to you, so we’re proud to say that, on average, our students complete the Biomedical Sciences PhD program in only five years. In our program, “it all works together” in one other important way we want to be sure you know about.

Within the program we’ve created Centers which provide state of the art equipment and expertise to all of our researchers and students. What this means for you is more opportunity for hands on work with the latest technology and the chance to work alongside experts in a wide variety of fields. Outside of our facilities, our students participate in a diverse range of real world industrial and governmental research opportunities.
We’re right around the corner from Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the largest Air Force base in the nation, and the headquarters of the Air Force Research Laboratory.

Our collaboration with Wright Patterson opens the door to an incredible range of resources and expertise. Now that you’ve heard about our program overall, be sure to take a quick tour of our areas of concentration. We’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for!


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