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We in the Computation and Theoretical Biology area of research focus use a variety of computational methods and strategies to investigate a large range of complex biomedical problems. Our research approaches generally fall into three related areas. In the first, researchers probe complex cellular and system level processes by developing and testing quantitative mathematical models of them. In the second area, we are developing and employing methods for analysis of large biological and medical databases. In the third, we analyze and predict structures as well as chemical and physical properties of proteins and protein complexes. Follow the links below for each faculty member to discover more thorough descriptions of our research programs.

Participating Faculty:

Gerald Alter, Ph.D. Enzyme function and dynamics in crowded solutions [home][e-mail]

Brent D. Foy, Ph.D. NMR measurements of diffusion in cartilage, toxicokinetic modeling, C-13 NMR and modeling carbohydrate metabolism in liver [bio][e-mail]

Travis E.W. Doom, Ph.D. Bioinformatics and enineering education [bio][e-mail]

Melvyn Goldfinger, Ph.D. Central and periferal nervous system processing of digital and analog information [bio][e-mail]

Guozhu Dong, Databases; data mining; classification and bioinformatics [home][e-mail]

Dr. Harry Khamis, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine [home] [e-mail]

Nathan Klingbeil, Ph.D. Laser additive manufacturing, fatigue and fracture of layered materails, enineering education [home] [e-mail]

Dan Krane, Ph.D. Molecular evolution, population genetics
[home] [e-mail]

James N. McDougal, Ph.D. Skin irritation. Biologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling of chemical interactions of the skin [home][e-mail]

Dr. Marvin Miller, Biomechanics [home][e-mail]

Oleg Paliy, Ph.D. Investigation of bacterial physiology and cellular dynamic using large-scale research methods. [home] [e-mail]

Dr. Ravi C. Penmetsa, Risk quantified design of large scale structures, optimization, CAD CAE [home] [e-mail]

Mateen Rizki, Ph.D. Pattern recognition, machine learning (self-computing), ATR, image processing [home][e-mail]

Michael Raymer, Ph.D. Rational drug design, protein structure modeling, quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) studies, microarray ("genechip") expression data analysis, evolutionary computation, and pattern recognition. [home][e-mail]

Munsup Seoh, Ph.D. Mathematics and statistics [home][e-mail]

Paul Seybold, Ph.D. Biophysical chemistry. [home][e-mail]

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