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Behavioral Neuroscience

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Behavioral Neuroscience
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Our research focuses on the biological/neuroendocrine basis of behavior. Specifically, we examine the development of learning and cognition, the neuroendocrinology and psychophysiology of stress, and the role of neural and endocrine processes in: reproduction, attachment between individuals, and social behavior. Further, we examine how these processes change during development. Follow the links below for each faculty member to discover more thorough descriptions of our research programs.

Participating Faculty:

Dr. Dragana Claflin Neurocognitive development of learning and memory in rats and humans during infancy [home][e-mail]

Dr. Michael Hennessy Behavioral endocrinology, development psychobiology, effects of stress [bio][e-mail]

Dr. Patricia Schiml-Webb Behavioral neuroscience [bio][e-mail]

Tamera Schneider, Ph.D., Physiological and psychological responses to stress [home][e-mail]

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