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The analysis of DNA sequences at the molecular level is used by the Krane laboratory to evaluate forensic genomic evidence and analyze environmentally induced shifts in population diversity. The Baird laboratory uses genomic analyses to understand developmental constraints on the inheritance and evolution of adaptive gene complexes. The focus of the Cool laboratory is the regulation and effects of peptide hormones expression by tissues of the HPAP (hypothalamic, pituitary, adrenal, pancreatic) axis in normal and abnormal states.

Participating Faculty:

Scott Baird, Ph.D. Genetics and molecular biology of reproductive isolation and host-associate interactions in the nematode genus, Caenorhabditis. [home)][research][lab][e-mail]

David Cool, Ph.D. Molecular mechanisms of intracellular sorting of prohormones. [home][e-mail]

Dan Krane, Ph.D. Molecular evolution, population genetics [home] [e-mail]


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