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The Berberich laboratory studies how abnormal levels of the cancer proteins mdm-2 and mdm-X lead to tumor formation in human cells, and how inactivation of the oncogenes coding for these proteins can be used to inhibit tumor growth. The Bubulya research group examines the role of proteins stored in nuclear speckles in the regulation of transcription, the processing of pre-messenger RNA, and cell division. Molecular embryology is the focus of the Kadakia laboratory, which examines the p63 transcription factor during development, and uses nanoparticles as sensors of intracellular signaling. The primary interests of the Leffak laboratory are in the identification of DNA sequences and proteins involved in the initiation of DNA replication, and the role of DNA replication in human diseases. The Liu laboratory examines the mechanisms by which the replication of repetitive DNA sequences leads to genome instability and human neuromuscular diseases. The Markey laboratory uses DNA microarray technology in genomics-based approaches to identify target genes regulated by the tumor suppressor proteins Rb and p53. The fungus N. crassa is the model organism used in the Paietta laboratory to characterize the molecular controls over the multi-gene network responsible for sulfur acquisition and metabolism.

Participating Faculty:

Steven Berberich, Ph.D. Nuclear proteins associated with cellular proliferation; oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes

Paula Bubulya, Ph.D. Nuclear structure and gene expression, live cell imaging [bio][e-mail]

Madhavi Kadakia, Ph.D. Transcriptional regulation of p63 and p73 target genes [home][e-mail]

Michael Leffak, Ph.D. DNA sequences and proteins involved in eukaryotic DNA replication [home][e-mail]

John Paietta, Ph.D. Molecular genetics, gene regulation, and control of sulfur metabolism [home][e-mail]

Yong-jie Xu, Ph.D. The DNA replication checkpoint [home][e-mail]

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