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The signaling pathways and molecular mechanisms eliciting cell migration of human polymorphonuclear leukocytes are examined in the Cambronero laboratory. In the Brown laboratory the role of immune system modulators is examined towards understanding human autoimmune disorders and the development of the placenta. In the Department of Emergency Medicine, the Olson laboratory studies the mechanisms of brain adaptation to edema, cellular volume regulation, and ion channel activation during cell death. Dr. Corbett’s laboratory works on the molecular pathways of neural signaling in muscle and brain. Following their development of a human synthetic skin equivalent, Dr. Hull’s research group studies the cellular mechanisms of wound healing, graft rejection, and resistance to viral infection. In the Miller laboratory, the interaction between the HIV viral protein Rev and cellular microtubules is examined towards understanding the effects of anticancer drugs and viral infection on the cytoskeleton.

Participating Faculty:

Thomas Brown, Ph.D. Molecular mechanisms of apoptotic cell death [home][e-mail]

Paula Bubulya, Ph.D. Nuclear structure and gene expression, live cell imaging [bio][e-mail]

Adrian Corbett, Ph.D. Ion channel structure and function [home][e-mail]

Katherine Excoffon, Ph.D. Epithelial cell polarity and virus-cell interactions [home][e-mail]

Julian Gomez-Cambronero, Ph.D., Cambronero - Signal transduction in white blood cells [bio][e-mail]

Barbara E. Hull, Ph.D. Skin fibroblasts; cellular defense against viral pathogens, including Herpes Simplex Virus-1 (HSV-1) [home][e-mail]

Mark Mamrack, Ph.D. Cell cycle control [home][e-mail]

Mill Miller, Ph.D. Regulation of nuclear transport [home][e-mail]

James Olson, Ph.D. Mechanism of brain edema [home][e-mail]

John O. Stireman III Ph.D. Evolutionary biology of insects, insect ecology and evolutionary ecology [home] [e-mail]


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