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Our research interests integrate population-based studies of human growth and development, disease risk factors, genetic epidemiology and morphological studies of the human body. We are based primarily at the Lifespan Health Research Center, a state-of-the-art research facility where data are collected in broad areas related to human health. We participate in and have access to data from the Fels Longitudinal Study, the world’s largest and longest-running multigenerational study of human growth, development, and body composition change over a the lifespan. Students can be involved in research conducted by nationally and internationally recognized researchers. Follow the links for each faculty member below to discover more thorough descriptions of our research programs.

Participating Faculty:

Wm. Cameron Chumlea, Ph.D. Human growth and development [home][e-mail]

Dana L. Duren Ph. D., Bone and joint health, epidemiology, functional anatomy [bio][e-mail]

Roberta L. Pohlman, Ph.D. Exercise science [home][e-mail]

Richard J. Sherwood, Ph.D. Genetic epidemiology, human anatomy, comparative anatomy [bio][e-mail]





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