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Cardiovascular Endocrine Dynamics

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Cardiovascular/Endocrine Dynamics
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Our research focuses on mechanisms of cardiovascular and endocrine diseases in humans, animal models, tissue/cellular systems, mitochondria and enzymes. Our approaches include: epidemiological analysis of human risk factors, (an integrated) pharmacological examination of genetic, surgical and spontaneous mouse models of disease, characterization of neural control of respiratory function in tissue slice preparations, and identification of structure-function relationships in mitochondrial systems and enzymes. Follow the links below for each faculty member to discover more thorough descriptions of our research programs.

Participating Faculty:

Norma Adragna, Ph.D. Hypertension, sickle cell anemia, ion transport/regulation of cell volume [home][e-mail]

Yanfang Chen, Ph.D., M.D. Cardiovascular pharmacology [home][e-mail]

Wm. Cameron Chumlea, Ph.D. Human growth and development [home][e-mail]

Khalid Elased, R.Ph., Ph.D. Cardiovascular endocrinology, diabetes, proteomics [home][e-mail]

Mariana Morris, Ph.D. Neuroendocrinology/cardiovascular function [home][e-mail]

Lawrence Prochaska, Ph.D. Mitochondrial energy conservation [bio] [home] [e-mail]

Robert Putnam, Ph.D. Membrane transport and intercellular ion regulation [home][e-mail]





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