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We’re proud of our faculty at Wright State, who were recently recognized as the fourth most productive in terms of research and professional activity, among “small research universities (less than 15 Ph.D programs)” nationally. Our Program faculty are truly experts in their fields, being editors, and reviewers for numerous journals and granting organizations. We’re also proud to say that these researchers are developing the latest cutting-edge methodologies and instrumentation.

This fact isn’t just good for them, it’s also good for you! That’s because our program is structured for the purpose of giving you one on one interaction with these experts. You will be trained to master sophisticated equipment, experimental methods and current theory. You will personally contribute to grant proposals and author your own papers; you're not just a name at the bottom of a list.

You will work directly with the primary investigator, your mentor. You’ll be glad to know that this mentor is chosen, not by a panel or an advisor, but by you! If you already have a clear vision for your area of study when you enter the program, you are free to declare it from the beginning and choose your mentor immediately. But if you haven’t entirely settled on your area of focus, you can take up to a year to explore your interests before choosing your mentor. It’s up to you!

Another benefit to our program is that it is an integral part of our culture that faculty, staff, and other students maintain an “open door policy”. This means that you have ready access to expertise, equipment, or advice, whether it’s inside or outside of your area of focus.


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