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Application Process for SRV or SRV-I Course Designation

SRV and SRV-I designations may be obtained for courses or sections of courses. To receive a designation of SRV or SRV-I for a course or section of a course,

1. At least three weeks prior to the beginning of registration for the term a service learning course is to be offered, the department chair (in the case of a course designation) or the course instructor (in the case of a course section) will submit to the Office of Service Learning:

a. A copy of the course syllabus
b. An application form signed by the chair (in the case of all sections of a course) or the faculty member and department chair (in the case of a single section)

Note: Faculty members may consult with the Office of Service-Learning for assistance in developing their courses and applications.

2. The Office of Service-Learning will forward applications to the Service- Learning Subcommittee of UCAP. The subcommittee will consist of a representative from each of the colleges and schools, the Director of General Education, the Director of the University Honors Program, the Director of Service- Learning and a representative of student government.

3. The Service-Learning Subcommittee will review the application, make a determination as to the appropriate designation for the course, and communicate their decision to the Office of Service-Learning.

4. The Office of Service-Learning will communicate to the Office of the Registrar all courses and sections to be designated SRV or SRV-I.

5. When approval is for all sections of a course, the designation will remain in place until the Department Chair notifies the Office of Service-Learning that the course no longer contains a Service-Learning component.

6. For a course offering multiple sections, an application must be submitted each time a Service-Learning section is offered. If there have been no substantial changes to the syllabus from the previous application, the faculty member need only submit the course syllabus, and review will be conducted by the Office of Service-Learning. When substantial changes have been made to the syllabus, a complete application is required, and review will be conducted by the Service-Learning Subcommittee.

Forms you will need

Students involved in service in the community must complete two forms: a Risk Release and Medical Consent Form and a Student Service-Learning Agreement. These forms must be submitted to the Office of Service Learning in 128 Millett before students begin service. It is also a good idea for students to retain copies of these documents for themselves and for you or the site supervisor to have copies.

Application for SRV or SRV-I Course Designation (Word)

What is Service-Learning?

What are the criteria for a Service-Learning course?


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