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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What counts as service-learning?

  • Any course with an official SRV or SRVI designation
  • Any course that includes a community service component but that does not have an official service-learning designation.

2. What's the difference between community service, service learning and pre-professional community placements?


3. Does it count if the student received pay for the internship?


4. What counts as faculty or staff community service/volunteering?

  • Serving as board member for a nonprofit
  • Conducting workshops and other types of service for nonprofits, municipalities or small businesses
  • Using professional expertise to meet a community need
  • Working for community action groups or serving on a community committee
  • Volunteering in election process
  • Advocating for public policy
  • Serving as an ongoing/episodic volunteer for nonprofit

5. What if I coach my daughter's soccer team or volunteer at my child's school?

Only include service done as a representative of Wright State University.

6. Does it count if the faculty/staff member gets paid?

The answer to this question should follow the policy of the department in question as to what constitutes service on the annual performance evaluation. Generally, though, if the amount of pay is small, such as a $50 honorarium or a gift card, the activity would count as service.

7. What paid activities may be included?

Any consulting or use of professional expertise for which the fee is minimal ($50 or less)

8. How do I record my start and end dates if my project was for only one day or part of a day?

Enter the same start and end date.

9. What if my project lasted for the whole term?

You may enter the start and end dates of the term or the date for the first and last days of the actual service. Either is acceptable.


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