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UC announces switch to semesters

Otterbein to Switch (Col. Dispatch)

OU BOT resolution approve the F2012 transition to semesters (PDF)

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Exploratory Committee on the Transition for Quarters to Semesters

* Why consider semesters?

We are responding to a call from the University System of Ohio that urged all universities not on semesters to "give strong consideration to making the transition to a semester academic calendar."

The USO Strategic Plan noted, "Having a common academic calendar would allow students greater ease in transferring to institutions that match their academic pursuits and personal circumstances."

* What are the other universities on quarters and what are their plans?

Wright State, Ohio State, Ohio University, and the University of Cincinnati are the only State of Ohio public universities on a quarter calendar. The other nine universities are already on semesters.

Ohio University: Board of Trustees has approved a conversion to semesters on Fall 2012

University of Cincinnati: Board of Trustees has approved a conversion to semesters in Fall 2012

The Ohio State Faculty Council authorized a committee to consider a conversion to semesters and the University Senate will vote on the recommendation.

* What is Wright State's status?

We have a planning committee to explore what would need to be done to adopt a semester calendar. This committee will provide an estimate of resources required and a time line for the tasks needed to implement a calendar change.

* When would the change occur (if it does)?

The earliest time that would be considered is Fall 2012.

* How will it affect me?

If you graduate before for Fall 2012, it will not affect you at all. If you graduate after 2012, you will be a transition student. One of the principles that is guiding the current examination of a semester conversion is a University Commitment to Students.

Commitment to Students

The transition to semesters should not adversely affect the time to graduation for students. To ensure this outcome, all students will be strongly encouraged to participate in the University's advising process and to follow the advice of their academic advisor. The transition should not increase the total cost of a degree.

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