Wright State University Semesters Conversion


Meetings Schedule

General University Informational Meetings:
All 9:00-11:00

October 14 ~ E163 Student Union (Discovery Room)
November 4 ~ E163 Student Union (Discovery Room)
December 9 ~ E163 Student Union (Discovery Room)

January 13 ~ E156 Student Union (Endeavor Room)
February 10 ~ TBA
March 9 ~ E156 Student Union (Endeavor Room)
April 13 ~ TBA
May 11 ~ E163 Student Union (Discovery Room)

Semesters Transition Team Steering Committee (STTSC):
All 1:30-3:30 in 267UH

November 3
December 1

January 12
February 2
March 1
April 5
May 3
June 7

Academic Advising
All 2-4pm

Oct 21, 2011 E103 SU
Dec 16, 2011 E103 SU
Jan 20, 2012 E103 SU
Feb 17, 2012 E103 SU
Mar 16, 2012 010 SU
Apr 20, 2012 E103 SU
May 18, 2012 TBD
Jun 15, 2012 E103 SU
Jul 20, 2012 E103 SU
Aug 17, 2012 E103 SU

Articulation & Transfer
All 1:30pm in E232A SU


GE Conversion

Wright Across the Curriculum

Welcome to the Semesters Transition Team (STT) website

This website is intended for the working members of the WSU Semesters Transition Team. The information and documents are, in most cases, preliminary and a work in progress. Official semester's transition information is available at http://www.wright.edu/semesters/

The Committees and Resource Room links will provide information, documents and links relevant to the work of the members of the various committees of the Semesters Transition Team.

Dr. Herbert E. Dregalla, Jr.
Director of Semester Conversion
Wright State University

Recent updates


Tom Sudkamp, President of the Faculty, Chair, Faculty Senate

Special Assistants
Dan DeStephen, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
Karen Strider-Iiames, Communications and Marketing

Staff Support
Michael Reynolds
Tamarus Stokes
Pam Zambenini

Charge to the STT Team

  • provide administrative oversight, facilitation, and successful implementation of the semesters conversion plan, including timely completion of the various tasks identified in the Milestone and Task Timelines (see Appendix Band C of Plan)
  • make adjustments to the conversion plan as needed based upon new information
  • provide ongoing communication and encouragement to the campus community about progress in implementing the plan
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