University Assessment

Faculty Teaching

The assessment processes are driven by our mission and vision (link to mission and vision page) and are designed to assure students are learning and the learning is geared to the needs of professions. Assessment is designed to answer the question “What are our students learning and how can we improve our courses, curricula, and programs?”

One important initiative is the Wright State’s participation in the High Learning Commission’s (HLC) Academy for the Assessment of Student Learning.  This project, which serves as the quality initiative for the upcoming HCL reaccreditation review of Wright State, provides a process for examining student mastery of the learning outcomes associated with the Wright State Core, our general education program. 

The University’s Assurance of Learning Committee provides university-wide leadership and coordination for academic and co-curricular program review and the assessment of student learning outcomes.

Membership: at least one faculty member and one administrator (Assistant Dean or above) from each college with undergraduate programs. The Committee will include representatives from Student Affairs, the University Library, and the Graduate School.

Wright State is currently participating in the Higher Learning Commission’s Academy for the Assessment of Student Learning.   As part of this process we are implementing a university-wide process to assess student mastery of the seven learning outcomes of the Wright State Core, our general education program.   

Wright State graduates will be able to:

  1. communicate effectively
  2. demonstrate mathematical literacy
  3. evaluate arguments and evidence critically
  4. apply the methods of inquiry of the natural sciences, social sciences, and the arts and humanities
  5. demonstrate global and multicultural competence
  6. demonstrate understanding of contemporary social and ethical issues
  7. Participate in democratic society as informed and civically engaged citizens

Many Wright State programs are professionally accredited, assuring that the curricula of these programs align with the professional requirements of the field and that students are mastering the learning outcomes associated with their chosen discipline.  A list of the current professional accreditations can be found under “Professional Accreditations.

There are currently four levels of assessment at Wright State:

  1. HLC assessment of the institution
  2. Various reviews of programs by professional accrediting bodies
  3. Assessment of core learning outcomes through the HLC Assessment Academy
  4. Assessment done annually as part of the program review process

While the institutional assessment measures provide an overall picture of student characteristics and success in the university, individual assessment plans for each academic major guide outcomes assessment activity in all academic and co-curricular programs. Each plan begins with objectives and goals for the academic program. The assessment process identifies data to demonstrate how students are successfully achieving the intended outcomes and goals. The team then commits to initiatives leading to improvements.  Finally, the team documents the success of the initiatives.