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Program Reviews 2013-16

Program Review History

In 2004, Wright State University initiated  a comprehensive program review process that included combined internal evaluation of academic programs with disciplinary accreditation. . The process was approved by the Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies Committee (UCAPC) and included both a complete program review by all departments in 2004 and established a list of program reviews to be done on a 7 year cycle. The oversight of the program review process was given to the Program Review Committee, a Faculty Senate subcommittee reporting to UCAPC.

In the year 2006-2007, the first group of cyclical reviews were completed and posted to the University website. This process was continued until 2011-2012 when it was suspended as the University underwent the conversion from a quarter to a semester academic calendar.  .

In 2013-2014, program review was transformed to align with the generation of the University’s Strategic Plan.   . The Program Review process was established under the auspices of the Assurance of Learning Committee (ALC), which consists of faculty and the assessment coordinator from each college. . Under the new  format, , all departmentally based curricular programs will undergoes  program review in 2014-2015 following the adoption Wright State’s five year Strategic Plan. Multidisciplinary and co-curricular programs will be reviewed in 2015-2016. The process will be repeat every five years immediately following the adoption of a new strategic plan. 

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