Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


Unclassified Staff Advisory Council
Meeting Agenda
Thursday, August 9, 2012
9–10:30 a.m.
008 Student Union

Attending:  David Bringhurst, Jonathan Jackson, Audwin Jones, Tonya Mathis, Jamie Norris, Jenny Papadakis, Jacqueline Robinson, Aaron Skira, Craig This, Sommer Todd, Susan Wehmeyer, Chris Bethel, Susan Kracus, Bev Denlinger, Jill Putoff, Courtney Smith.  Guest:  Nadja Grobe.

Absent:  Wendy Chetucuti, David Finnie, Marty Jenkins, Gretchen Rentz, Melissa Vanzant, Valita Wilhoite.

Absent with regrets:  Chris Wydman, Mary Raider, Steven Johnson, Megan McCurdy, Cindy Vanzant

  • Call to Order:  Chair Craig This called the meeting to order at 9:04am.
  • Approval of minutes: The minutes of the meeting of July 12, 2012 were approved as written.
  • New business
    1. New subcommittee members were welcomed:  Chris Bethel, Bev Denlinger.
    2. A summary of USAC Goals discussed at the July meeting was distributed.
    3. The disposition of surplus water bottles from previous fundraising efforts was discussed.  Sales of the bottles have been slow because they are not insulated.  The council approved donation of the remaining bottles to the collection for school supplies.
  • USAC in/and the University -- Where USAC fits into the overall scheme of things:  David Bringhurst, past chair
    1. A diagram outlined the place of USAC in the university organization.
    2. Duties of the Board of Trustees, President, Provost, Council of Deans and Faculty Senate were reviewed.
    3. The Associate Provost for Faculty and Staff Affairs is the chief administrative contact for USAC.
    4. USAC also has connections to the Faculty Senate through service on its advisory committees.  USAC appointees to Senate committees are non-voting members.
    • USAC and CSAC combine to meet with administration through the University Staff Council.
    • USAC also has internal committees.  These are important to identify issues for USAC to bring forward to the administration.
    • USAC sends a representative to OSCHE, a state organization for university staff in Ohio.  OSCHE has an ongoing project to build a database of salary and benefit information.
    • As middle managers with expertise in the business sector of the university USAC members have much to offer the administration.
  • USAC Issues
  • Leadership Training Issues for Unclassified Staff:  What training do supervisors need? The CSAC’s questions about position abolishment reveal that supervisors may need additional training.  Mandatory Leadership training has been proposed as a possible plank for USAC to propose as part of the strategic plan. 
    • The difference between organizational/leadership training and Human Resources training was discussed:  HR training is assumed to pertain to the specific workplace.  It was suggested that the university does not have a strategic will regarding leadership.  We do some leadership training but without the purpose of building leaders.  Some of our training comes from the perspective of legal protection for the university rather than professional development.
    • Mandatory training is not typical for Wright State but is worth consideration.  Discussion about this topic will continue.
  • Possible objectives for Strategic Plan goal #5:  “Develop and sustain the human, financial, and physical resources required to accomplish the university’s strategic goals” were discussed.  The current Strategic Plan can be found at:     http://www.wright.edu/aboutwsu/orgs/usac/strategicachieve08to12.pdf
  • Town Hall Meeting(s): 
    • Two town hall meetings were discussed.  The Town Hall has been an opportunity to get staff together with USAC and representative from administration.   USAC approved pursing meetings in October and March.
    • An October meeting was approved in conjunction with CSAC to update progress from the spring 2012 meeting.  This meeting may offer the opportunity to meet Kimberly Barrett, Ph.D., Vice President – Multicultural Affairs and Community Engagement.
    • A separate spring meeting to promote annual elections was also approved. 
    • USAC will invite Lake Campus to attend the meetings and will plan to record them for those who cannot attend.

  • Information Items:
  • Smoking Policy:  A proposal is being drafted by the Cabinet in response to the Board of Regents recent decision regarding smoking.  The proposal will be sent to the Faculty Senate, CSAC, USAC, and student government for input. 
  • Health Insurance Refunds:  Wright State is self-insured and so the impact of this portion of the health care law is being examined by Business and Fiscal Affairs.
  • USAC and CSAC chairs have been invited to serve on a search committee for the new Provost.
  • President Hopkins has asked that staff be attentive to possible inappropriate language in policy and procedures.  Send comments to Megan Watson on the University Diversity Action Committee.
  • We Serve U: committee members Becky Traxler and Joanie Hendricks presented a review of the activities of this group.  Jill Putoff spoke about activities at Lake Campus.
  • The We Serve U Committee is an outgrowth of the university vision and mission statement.  The goal is to engage staff, students and faculty in community service.  Activities have included:  a fitness walk for Hospice of Dayton; a raffle for the Ronald McDonald house; school supply collection for Westwood Pre-K to 8; A collaboration with Blue Start Mothers of America to help servicemen and their families; creation of cards for kids with Children’s Hospital; Box Tops for Education for Saville elementary in Riverside; 2012 survivor’s dinner at the Relay for Life; March of Dimes; Air Force Marathon volunteers.
  • A volunteer fair will be held October 5th from 10 – 2 in student union atrium.
  • Their website, www.wright.edu/weserveu offers a place to log service hours and suggest opportunities for service.
  • Lake campus created a community garden by the lake with 7-9 raised beds.  Produce is donated to food pantries.  They also support a school supply drive.
  • The group is using WINGS as a marketing tool.  They would like to engage student organizations as well.
  • A Thanksgiving dinner for students who remain on campus including emancipated students and international students was proposed by members of USAC as a possible service activity.  Sommer Todd and Jamie Norris will chair it. Possible events include  a traditional dinner on Thursday with movies board games; a trip downtown or to the Dayton Art Institute on Friday; visit to the grand illumination; bus trip to the Greene for shopping. 
  • The We Serve U Committee is technically a subcommittee of staff council and leadership has thus far been a member of USAC or CSAC.  Each project gains new members.  The group has no charter and no budget. 

  • USAC subcommittee status reports:  no reports were presented.
  • Bylaws and Charter. Will meet Monday, 9/20 in PLD 127A.
  • Community Service.
  • Compensation, Benefits, & Equity.
  • Communications & Marketing.
  • Nominations & Fundraising.

  • University committee updates:  no reports were presented; most committees have not met since spring.
  • Athletic Council.
  • Dining Services
  • Parking Services.
  • Semester Conversion.
  • Sustainability.
  • University Diversity Advocacy Council.
  • University Staff Council.
  • Wellness & Recreation.
  • WSU Bookstore Committee.
  • Staff Council Human Resources Committee.
  • OSCHE.
  • Lake Campus.
  • Questions or issues from other unclassified staff in attendance:  none

  • Schedule reminders
  • Lake Staff Advisory Council (LSAC)—Wednesday, August 15, 2-3:30 p.m., Room 177
  • Freshmen Move-In Day—Thursday, August 23, All Day
  • Welcome Week—Monday, August 27-Friday, August 31
  • USAC Officers Meeting—Thursday, September 6, 9-10 a.m., Café Wright (Library)
  • Staff Council—Wednesday, September 12, 2-4 p.m., 267 University Hall
  • USAC Meeting—Thursday, September 13, 9-10:30 a.m. (157 Student Union)
    • Guest Speaker:  Bob Grant, Raider Athletics

Adjourn meeting:  The meeting was adjourned at 10:33am.

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