Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


Unclassified Staff Advisory Council
Thursday, July 12, 2012

9:00 –10:30 a.m.
157 Student Union

Council members in attendance:  Jonathan Jackson, Audwin Jones, Tonya Mathis, Megan McCurdy, Jamie Norris, Jenny Papadakis, Craig This, Sommer Todd, Cindy Vanzant, Susan Wehmeyer.  Absent with regrets:  Aaron Skira.  Absent:  David Bringhurst, Jacqueline Robinson

Committee members in attendance:  Mary Raider, Courtney Smith, Chris Wydman.  Absent with regrets:  Susan D’Autremont, Jill Puthoff, Gretchen Rentz.  Absent:  Wendy Chetcuti, David Finnie, Marty Jenkins, Melissa Vanzant, Valita Wilhoite.

Guests:  Henry Limouze, Associate Provost for Faculty and Staff Affairs; Jessica Demmings

  • Call meeting to order: Craig This, Chair.  The meeting was called to order at 9:01am with a team-building exercise.  Members were asked to work together to correctly identify from memory the image which appears on the face of a penny.
  • Approval of minutes from June 2012:  The minutes of the meeting of June 14, 2012 were approved without amendment.
  • Welcome:  Craig This
    • Dr. Limouze, guests and members were welcomed to the meeting.
    • The agenda for the meeting was identified as orientation and planning. 
    • USAC was asked to focus on two goals this year:  increasing the visibility of USAC and increasing participation. 
    • The year will offer many opportunities for involvement including strategic planning and the search for a new Provost. 
    • A new logo for USAC is in development. Samples will be available at the August meeting.
    • Work will be distributed among the entire group.  New members will be asked to serve on internal committees.
  • Dr. Henry Limouze, Associate Provost for Faculty and Staff Affairs.  Some questions were given to Dr. Limouze in advance of the meeting.
  • The duties of the Associate Provost include faculty relations, faculty development, CTL, and professional development of staff.
  • The Associate Provost also meets regularly with the University Staff Council which includes representatives from both CSAC and USAC.  The Staff Council has addressed issues of interest to employees such as pay equity. 
  • Recent work included arranging for winter leave and investigating how it might be sustained. 
  • USAC is encouraged to continue to work with the university administrators to bring forward issues of concern and interest.  The administration wants USAC to have a voice.  The University Staff Council offers another venue for input. 
  • How can USAC be involved in strategic planning?  Dr. Robert Sweeney, who has led the planning process in the past is the Executive Vice President in charge of planning.  Meetings with groups will begin in August or September.  It is expected that a plan will be in place by the middle of the spring semester.  Some aspects of the plan may stay close to what they are now; other parts will probably change to reflect our current thinking. A strategic plan is never just a document to be put on the shelf.  The more USAC can be involved, the more of our input will appear in the final product.  Involvement is highly encouraged.
  • Why does the WSU holiday schedule does not reflect winter leave?  This is because these particular days are not considered “holidays,” but a different kind of leave.  Only essential personnel will work.  Essential staff will be identified in advance and will be able to take leave at another time.  Some people may choose to come to work but should be prepared to dress warmly:  the heat will be turned down in most areas. 
  • Why has there been no pay raise announcement from HR?  Pay raise letters are in progress.  The decision of whether to award an across-the-board increase or .5% across the board and 1.5% for merit was at the discretion of the units. 
  • What is Dr. Angle’s new title?  He is a Senior Vice President.  Mission-driven allocation will be one of his responsibilities.  Since July 1st, a shadow budget has been running to ensure that the mission-based budget system is implemented cautiously and carefully. He will divide his time between Wright State and OBR, where he will serve as an executive in residence with the chancellor.  At Wright State he will continue to be involved with a number of important projects.  Dr. Thomas Sudkamp will serve as interim provost.  It is expected that a new provost will start by July 1, 2013.
  • Are stipends are going away?  Confusion has arisen in this area because the situation was misstated.  When the budget was very tight, some suggested eliminating stipends as a way to cut costs.  “Stipends” as used at WSU might include overload pay, summer pay, additional compensation, part-time pay and more. The definition of “stipend” and the stipend policy is being refined.  In some circumstances stipends are important, but when used in the future they will always include an end date.
  • Orientation
    • Where USAC fits into the overall scheme of things?  This discussion item was postponed.
    • Members -- what are our roles and expectations?  Susan Wehmeyer, Secretary, reviewed the responsibilities of members from in a one page handout. (see addendum)
  • New business
  • Election of chair-elect:  Audwin Jones and Tonya Mathis were nominated.  An invitation was made for additional nominations from the floor.  Candidates spoke about their interest in the position.  Written ballots were submitted.  Audwin Jones was elected.
  • The chair asked members to fill out personal information forms and identify issues facing Wright State, USAC, and Unclassified Staff for 2012-2013.

E) USAC subcommittee recruiting and sign-up: postponed due to time constraints
F) Adjournment:  Craig This adjourned the meeting at 10:30am.
Schedule reminders

  • Staff Development Day—Friday, July 20
  • USAC Officers Meeting—Thursday, August 2, 9-10 a.m., Café Wright (Library)
  • USAC Meeting—Thursday, August 9, 2012, 9-10:30 a.m. Rathskeller (008 SU)
    • Guest Speakers: Joanie Hendricks and Becky Traxler, We Serve U


Information for New USAC Members July 2012
The Unclassified Staff Advisory Council represents its members to the university by:  Promoting their general welfare; advocating through active participation in university governance structure; reviewing, initiating and making recommendation on relevant university policies and procedures; encouraging and facilitating communication among members; encouraging professional development opportunities; creating and maintaining an environment conducive to teaching, learning, research and service
The officers maintain the budget; appoint or recommend representatives to serve on university committees or task forces; take responsibility to fill vacant but unexpired terms. 
ChairThe chair presides at meetings; represents unclassified staff;  holds regular meetings with the other officers; serves as a representative to the WSU Staff Council; takes responsibility for acquainting new members with their duties and providing an annual review of the USAC procedures and operating budget.  The chair-elect assumes all responsibilities of the chair as needed due to absence or resignation; serves as a representative to the WSU Staff Council.  The immediate past chair attends USAC meetings and meetings of the officers to provide advice and continuity; serves as a representative to the WSU Staff Council while in office.
SecretaryThe secretary distributes the meeting agenda; maintains a record of all meetings, current bylaws, and documented procedures; assists with correspondence, records attendance, maintains candidate eligibility for the general election, and documents voting records; documents the results of the general election and tally any written or roll-call votes taken during meetings; distributes USAC or officer-approved communications to all unclassified staff.  The secretary-elect assumes all responsibilities of the secretary as needed due to absence or resignation and assists the secretary as needed.
MembersAll members of USAC whether elected or appointed attend regularly scheduled meetings of USAC and all appropriate committees, subcommittees and task forces.  Members will send their regrets to the officers prior to an expected absence.  contact_usac@wright.edu
RemovalAny officer or voting member of USAC may petition to remove another officer or USAC member for failure to fulfill the duties of the position or for conduct detrimental to the best interest of USAC or the University. 
MeetingsMeetings of USAC are held monthly.  The calendar and agenda are posted to the USAC web page:  http://www.wright.edu/aboutwsu/orgs/usac/meetings.html .   All official business is conducted in person.  The presence and approval of the majority of the voting members, excluding those who have resigned or are on leave of absence are required to confirm recommendations or conduct other official business. 
VotingUSAC members elected to a current term of service are eligible to vote.  Officers who remain on USAC after the expiration of their term of service and other appointed representatives are not eligible to vote.  Appointees are not eligible to vote.  Tied votes are considered failed.    Voice votes are used, unless otherwise requested or specified in the bylaws.  Any member of USAC may require a written or roll call vote.

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