Unclassified Staff Advisory Council

Unclassified Staff Advisory Council
Meeting Agenda
Thursday, June 13, 2013
9–10:30 a.m.
157E Student Union

In attendance: Pam Bowers, David Bringhurst, D.R. Fannin, David Finnie, Jonathon Jackson, Steve Johnson, Audwin Jones, Megan McCurdy, Sheila Nahrgang, Jamie Norris, Jenny Papadakis, Jill Puthoff, Mary Raider, Courtney Smith, Craig This, Sommer Todd, Jeff Wehmeyer, Susan Wehmeyer, Valita Wilhoite, Ranee Wyer

Regrets: Chris Bethel, Misty Cox, Bev Denlinger, Jacqueline Robinson, Aaron Skira, Cindy Vanzant, Melissa Vanzant

Guests:  Michael Lowery, Brandi Olberding, Debra Radford

  • Craig This called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.
  • The minutes from the meeting of May 9, 2013 were approved as written.
  • USAC Issues
    • Election of Chair-elect and Secretary-elect to serve 2013/2014
      • Candidates for Chair-elect: Jonathon Jackson & Jenny Papadakis.  No nominations from the floor were offered.  Candidates gave a summary of their interest in the position.
        • Jonathon Jackson was elected
      • Candidates for Secretary-elect: Sommer Todd and Cindy Vanzant. No nominations from the floor were offered.  Candidates gave a summary of their interest in the position.
        • Sommer Todd was elected.
      • Annual Report, 2012/2013
        • The annual report was postponed due to time constraints.  The report will appear on the website.
      • Awards were presented to outgoing members:
        • Jamie Norris
        • Jacqueline Robinson
        • D.R. Fannin
        • Susan Wehmeyer
        • Mary Raider
        • Henry Limouze
          • Fifty dollars was donated to the University Library in honor of Dr. Limouze.
      • Installation of Audwin Jones as Chair and Megan McCurdy as Secretary.
    • University committee updates
      • Athletic Council.
        • Risk Management is looking into the development of new policies and procedures for handling safety issues related to minors on campus for athletic and other summer camps.
      • Dining Services. 
      • Parking Services.
      • Sustainability.
      • University Diversity Advocacy Council.
      • University Staff Council.
      • Wellness & Recreation.
      • WSU Bookstore Committee.
      • Staff Council Human Resources Committee.
      • OSCHE.
      • Lake Campus.
    • Questions or issues from other unclassified staff in attendance
    • Guest Speaker: Kimberly Barrett, Performance Appraisals/Multicultural Millennium
      • Wright State is hosting a ’Diversity in the Multicultural Millennium’ Conference this fall.
      • A Performance Appraisal taskforce team is currently reviewing best practices regarding the appraisal process and forms
        • A survey was sent out to various constituents across the University for process recommendations, which will be discussed with the Cabinet at the June 26, 2013 meeting.
      • Staff participation in the 2012 performance appraisal process is estimated at 80%.
    • The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

USAC: The purpose of the Unclassified Staff Advisory Council(USAC) is to represent its members to the university by: promoting their general welfare; advocating for unclassified staff through active participation in university governance structure; reviewing, initiating and making recommendation on relevant university policies and procedures; encouraging and facilitating communication among members; and encouraging professional development opportunities. One of the prime responsibilities of this council is to serve the educational community by creating and maintaining an environment conducive to the teaching, learning, research, and service functions of higher education. The recommendations of the council are submitted to the University President.

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