Unclassified Staff Advisory Council

Unclassified Staff Advisory Council Open Forum
Tuesday, May 14, 2013
156 Student Union


  • 2012/2013 Review
    • Goals for 2012/2013 included increased participation and visibility
      • USAC participated in the following:
      • Searches
      • Affirmative Action Officer
      • Associate Provost for Faculty and Staff Affairs
      • Provost
      • Wellness Director
      • Committees
      • Carnegie Community Engagement Classification
      • Performance Appraisal
      • Strategic Planning
      • Tobacco Policy
      • Wellness Program
      • Request for Proposal Committees
      • Dining Services
      • Health Insurance
      • Printing Services
      • Homecoming
      • Rowdy 500 – goal was to collect 500 items for the Wright State Friendship Food Pantry
      • Raidersgiving
      • First on-campus Thanksgiving celebration for students that were not able to travel home for the holiday
      • 22 students participated
      • USAC members donated food and drinks for the students
      • Made letters for Children’s Medical Center
      • Faculty and Staff Appreciation Night
      • Relay for Life       
      • Guest speakers every month
      • Chance to participate and keep USAC active on campus


  • Introduce New Members
    • Misty Cox
    • Pam Bowers
    • Jeff Wehmeyer
    • Ranee Wyer
    • Term: July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2016
    • 29 unclassified staff nominated
    • 19 accepted nomination
  • Introduce New Chair and Secretary
    • Audwin Jones – Chair 2013/2014
    • Megan McCurdy – Secretary 2013/2014


  • Wellness and Recreation
    • Faculty and Staff picnic is Friday, June 7, 2013 from 11am – 1pm
      • Rain date is Monday, June 10, 2013
    • Wellness Director Position
    • Interviews being conducted right now
    • Hopeful to have the position filled by Dr. Limouze’s retirement on June 30, 2013                                   
  • Health Insurance RFP
      • Taking bids for July 1, 2014
      • 6 or 7 third party providers
      • Bids due this month (May 2013)
        • Finalists selected by June
        • Will be under contract in time for open enrollment in October
      • Consultant – Horan Consultants

      Question and Answer Session

      Q - What are the criteria for choosing a health care provider?

      WSU is self-funded so we assume the risk.  We are paying for the claims, so the goal is to reduce the cost of claims.  We are looking to incorporate programs for proactive wellness and to entice employees to participate.  Third party providers get you a ‘network’ that is pre-determined with rates.  The new contract will be at least as good as we have now, if not better.  The RFP is only for medical and prescriptions.  Do not affect vision or dental.

  • Performance Appraisal
    • 2012 appraisals still being tabulated
    • Looking at Ellucian – online performance appraisals and rubrics system
    • Will be approximately two years before anything is finalized


Question and Answer Session         

Q – Effective application to increase participation?
Culture will change through retirement, etc.  Importance of the appraisal should be expressed through senior administration.

Q – Will supervisors be held accountable? 
This is a feature that will be built into the tool.

Q – Will performance appraisals be linked to merit pay?
Talking to Cabinet about this on May 15, 2013

  • Chartwells – Hospitality RFP
    • New vendor selected July 1, 2013.
    • All three locations (Main & Lake campus’ and Nutter) will be serviced by Chartwells
    • 6 year contract, two-2 year renewal opportunities
    • New board plans – current flex plan is dated – going to be block plans
    • 10 different plans to select from for students / commuters
    • Faculty and staff plan will be available as well
    • The more you buy, the more you save
    • COBA students would like to run a coffee operation
    • Sodexo employees given opportunities to interview with Chartwells
    • Management interviews next week
    • Employees following 2 weeks

      Question and Answer Session         

      Q – Classroom building will have coffee bar…have they thought about what will go there?
                  Not part of the RFP

      Q – COBA students, competition for Starbucks?
                  Trying to put services in underserved places with a lot of traffic…tunnels, etc.

      Q – What will be ready by August?
                  Unsure – no answer as of yet

      Q – Is the Hangar going to be used for Precollege this summer?
                  Yes, expected to be a seamless operation

      Q – Nutter Center concession stands…talk of bringing in other groups, Subway?
      Not a lot of talk about brands going into concessions – but want to put food (sushi, wraps, sandwiches) for staff and classrooms in the Nutter Center


  • Sustainability
      • Large energy project broken into 50 subgroups           
        • HVAC upgrades
        • Geothermal at Nutter                                   
      • Scheduled to break ground on classroom building in October 2013
      • Recycle-mania – ended March – WSU ended 5th out of Ohio schools
      • 32% of trash is diverted to landfill
      • Bike trail extension – connecting with Miami Valley.  Huffman Metropark to WPAFB to WSU – opening at the end of May

      Question and Answer Session

      Q – Bike lanes on campus in discussion?
      Excellent idea but nothing in the works

      Q – Walking lanes to the Nutter Center or around campus?
      Not heard anything – good suggestion

      • Parking Services
      • Disruption of parking with NEC construction
      • 68 disrupted during construction, 36 lost         
      • Might be suitable to add parking between Russ and White
      • More bike racks on campus

      Question and Answer Session

      Q – Raise parking rates?
      Not that they’ve talked about

  • Affirmative Action position
    • Originally 59 candidates - narrowed down to 9 for phone interviews
    • Will probably bring 3 to campus
    • Only one internal candidate – seems like a good pool
    • Open forum – want to have a topic so they all talk about the same thing – Title 9
    • July 1, 2013 start date
    • University Diversity Advocacy Council conference in the fall 2013.  Registration is still open online


  • Printing Services RFP
    • Current contract with Woodhull nearing end
    • Analyzing proposal in June
    • Late July or August will go in effect


  • Tobacco policy
    • Will not go into effect until next spring, at the earliest
    • Want to enforce current law/policy first

      Question and Answer Session
      Q – Compensation / Benefits Equity committee – gaining any ground?  Concerns about biometric screening – staff required but not faculty.

      Q – Where are we at with the Associate VP for Staff and Faculty Affairs? 

      The search was bad timing on University’s part – wanted to allow Provost to help and have some input on the new associate provost.  Committee moved too quickly with switch to semesters and time window was too small.  Faculty would have to focus on end of semester so decision was made to defer the search.  Will start as quickly as possible in Fall – Dr. Kristin Sobolik will chair the committee.  Appointment should be well before end of fall semester.  Interim associate provost will serve from June until appointment.




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