Unclassified Staff Advisory Council

Unclassified Staff Advisory Council
Thursday, February 14, 2013
9-10:30 a.m.
157E Student Union

In attendance:  David Bringhurst, Helen Dean, D.R. Fannin, Jonathan Jackson, Audwin Jones, Jamie Norris, Aaron Skira, Craig This, Summer Todd, Cindy Vanzant, Susan Wehmeyer, Chris Bethel, Marty Jenkins, Steven Johnson, Sheila Nahrgang, Mary Raider, Courtney Smith, Valita Wilhoite.

Regrets: Megan McCurdy, Jenny Papadakis, Jacqueline Robinson, Melissa Vanzant.

Absent:  Wendy Chetcuti, Bev Denlinger, David Finnie, Mark Hibner, Susan Kracus, Jull Puthoff, Gretchen Rentz.


Craig This called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.

The minutes of the meeting from January 10, 2013 were approved.

Brief update on USAC issues

  • Wellness Program:  no updates
  • Smoking Policy Ad Hoc Committee:  update by D.R. Fannin
    • The committee is working on survey that should go out next Wednesday and will remain live for 2 weeks.  It will be posted on WINGS and other non-public access points.  The survey asks for an optional email address for the purpose of tracking demographic information.  It is unknown if the survey will dictate the recommendation or simply serve as a guide.
    • The committee is not required to reach consensus.  All opinions from the members will go forward.  Many questions remain unanswered and discussions continue.
    • The committee looked at other university policies and discussed ideas to such as smoking cessation assistance.
    • Crafting the policy has involved a lot of wordsmithing
  • Performance Appraisals
    • Audwin Jones will represent USAC on the committee which will address future appraisal formats.
    • It was suggested that guidelines or appraisal procedures need to be more clear and specific in the future.
  • Staff Open Forum
    • Megan McCurdy is working on the date and location for the USAC open forum this spring.
  • Spring elections will make use of the Qualtrics survey tool.

University Committee Updates

    • A complete revision of the committee is in process.  The name of the group has changed from an “advocacy” to “advisory” council.  Kimberly Barrett is now chairing the group. 
    • Quest for Community has a new name: Diversity in the Multicultural Millennium Conference
  • Dining Services Report is available on the USAC website: http://www.wright.edu/aboutwsu/orgs/usac/20122013/agendas/Dining24jan13Minutes.pdf


Guest Speaker/ Working Session with Robert Sweeney, Executive Vice President for Planning and Secretary to Board of Trustees. 
Wright State University Strategic Plan, 2013-2017, “Relentless”

  • Dr. Sweeney offered an update on the status of the strategic planning process.
    • The theme for the new plan is “Relentless.”
    • He noted that at the administrative level a strategic plan should address the culture of the organization:  the mission, vision, values and goals.
    • Staff have an opportunity to make suggestions on the strategic planning website:  https://www.wright.edu/about/strategic-plan
    • USAC input regarding the vision:
      • Might the concept of distinctiveness be more obvious in our vision statement?
    • USAC input regarding the mission statement:
      • It was suggested that the phrase “Helping our students, faculty, staff and alumni develop professionally and personally” would be more effective if “helping” were changed to “empowering.”  It was noted that “empowering” implies the need to expend funds to provide support and is a more powerful word.
      • The words “innovative” and “transformative” do not contain value information.  In what way do we want be new and/or changed?
    • USAC input regarding values statement:
      • Assessment and evidenced-based decision-making are important values which appear to be missing from the mission and/or values.
      • The value of reflection was advanced as a combination of evaluation and assessment.
      • Accountability was advanced as an important and lacking value.
      • The values of creative thinking and critical thinking were suggested.
    • Goal 5 Essential Resources [due to time constraints, Goals 1 – 4 were skipped during this session]
      • None of the bulleted points associated with this goal clearly indicate that they are intended to include staff in addition to faculty.  Some of the goals such as “Academic ladders for all faculty” are specifically intended to apply only to faculty.
        • Points such as “% of jobs filled by internal candidates” and “support for continuing education” which are described as pertaining to staff need something to indicate that this is a metric for staff.
      • The following bulleted points refer to general concepts rather than specific ambitions:
        • Mentoring
          • Note:  ODL is planning a mentoring program to provide tools to increase the success of the mentoring relationship.
        • Peer review
      • Goals such as “employee satisfaction survey results,”and “% of jobs filled by internal candidates” lack desired outcomes.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:32 p.m.

Next meeting:  Thursday, March 14, 9-10:30 a.m., E157 Student Union, Guest Speaker: Robert Fyffe, Centers of Excellence Update
USAC:  The purpose of the Unclassified Staff Advisory Council(USAC) is to represent its members to the university by: promoting their general welfare; advocating for unclassified staff through active participation in university governance structure; reviewing, initiating and making recommendation on relevant university policies and procedures; encouraging and facilitating communication among members; and encouraging professional development opportunities. One of the prime responsibilities of this council is to serve the educational community by creating and maintaining an environment conducive to the teaching, learning, research, and service functions of higher education. The recommendations of the council are submitted to the University President.



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