Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


Thursday, December 8, 2011
9–10:30 a.m.
008 Student Union


USAC Council Members: David Bringhurst, Brandy Foster, Audwin Jones, Jennifer McCamis, Wendy Riddell, Jacqueline Robinson, Craig This, Cindy Vanzant

University Committee Members: Susan, D’Autremont, Marty Jenkins, Curt Pederson, Courtney Smith

Guest(s): Albert Bondurant

Absent: Megan McCurdy, Jacqueline Neal, Jamie Norris, Nancy Pestian, Susan Wehmeyer, Marian Brainerd, Wendy Chetcuti, David Finnie, Colleen Hayden, Mary Healea, Jill Puthoff, Gretchen Rentz, Melissa Vanzant, Valita Wilhoite, Chris Wydman

A) Call meeting to order—Meeting was called to order by David Bringhurst, USAC Chair, at 9:04 a.m.

B) Approval of minutes from November 10, 2011 meeting—Minutes were approved as presented.

C) Guest: Albert Bondurant to discuss proposed appraisal forms

  • Currently, there are no standards in place when it comes to performance appraisals.
  • Albert Bondurant has created two evaluation forms (supervisory leadership position and non-supervisor) that he hopes will be launched in the beginning of 2012, for use in 2013 (2012 evaluation year).
  • He is hoping that the form can be introduced as an option for appraisals and that, down the line, it can become the only appraisal tool.
  • Currently, only 47 percent of employees are appraised, when the expectation is that all employees should appraised. There needs to be a top-down approach to getting appraisals completed, as well as a timeline as to when these should be completed.
  • USAC and Staff Council should continue to push, through the provost, for the introduction of these forms for 2012 appraisals (in 2013), but we should really push more for appraisals in general since more than half of employees aren’t evaluated.

D) Officer's report

  • 2008 Survey Follow-Up: Administration should have their feedback back to us tomorrow. There has been a delay on crafting the staff portion of the survey follow-up and we should be back on track soon.
  • RCM Budget Model: That has been pushed back to 2014. Shadow program will take place in 2013 due to semesters.
  • David had a meeting with several campus constitutes regarding campus safety in light of the recent incidents at Penn State and Syracuse. The committee will possibly start with an assessment of the university to see where we are and what policies we currently have in place. The idea of university senate was been brought up and might be investigated.

E) USAC subcommittee status reports

  • Bylaws and Charter: Should be finished with draft in mid-January to present to USAC.
  • Community Service:  Wright State staff member is interested in getting more staff involved with Relay for Life. We Serve U will host a service fair next year and will invite various non-profit organizations to attend. Cards for Kids went well with approximately 100 people participating in the card making.
  • Compensation, Benefits, & Equity: Nothing to report.
  • Communications & Marketing: Nothing to report.
  • Nominations & Fundraising: Nothing to report.

F) University committee updates

  • Athletic Council: Nothing to report.
  • Dining Services
  • Parking Services: Nothing to report.
  • Semester Conversion: Nothing to report.
  • Sustainability: Nothing to report.
  • University Diversity Advocacy Council: Nothing to report.
  • University Staff Council: Nothing to report.
  • Wellness & Recreation: Nothing to report.
  • WSU Bookstore Committee: Nothing to report.
  • Staff Council Human Resources Committee: Nothing to report
  • OSCHE: Nothing to report.
  • Lake Campus: The recent Staff Development Day at Lake Campus went really well.

G) Unfinished business

  • Follow-up from CBES regarding bereavement leave proposal: Edits are still in process. More information will be presented at the next USAC meeting.

H) Questions or issues from other unclassified staff in attendance

I) Schedule reminders

  • Staff Council: Wednesday, December 14, 2011
  • USAC: Thursday, January 12, 2012

J) Adjourn meeting—Meeting was adjourned by David Bringhurst, USAC Chair, at 10:30 a.m.

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