Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


October 13, 2011
9:00–10:30 am

156B&C Student Union


USAC Council Members: David Bringhurst, Brandy Foster, Jennifer McCamis, Jamie Norris, Wendy Riddell, Susan Wehmeyer
University Committee Members: Susan D’Autremont, David Finnie, Colleen Hayden, Mary Healea, Marty Jenkins, Curt Pederson, Gretchen Rentz, Courtney Smith, Melissa Vanzant, Chris Wydman
Guest(s): Helen Dean
Absent: Audwin Jones, Megan McCurdy, Jacqueline Neal, Nancy Pestian, Jacqueline Robinson, Craig This, Cindy Vanzant, Marian Brainerd, Wendy Chetcuti, Jill Puthoff, Valita Wilhoite

A) Call meeting to order—Meeting was called to order at 9:04 a.m. by David Bringhurst, USAC Chair.

  1. Special Order: Minutes Approval Process Revision—Voted to continue reviewing minutes at the beginning of each meeting.

B) Approval of minutes from September 8, 2011 meeting—Minutes were approved as presented.

C) Officers’ report

  1. Staff survey—Staff survey is moving forward. We will survey staff to get their feedback on the progress being made as a result of the recommendations created after the 2008 staff survey. We will also survey the administration to get their feedback on where they feel we stand on the progress.
  2. Performance appraisals—Both the president and the provost made a verbal commitment at recent Staff Council meetings to make annual appraisals mandatory.
  3. Benefit changes—In order to move toward the state’s desire to charge employees a aggregate 15 percent contribution rate for health benefits, Wright State will be increasing their current rate from 12.8 percent to approximately 13.5 percent. Open enrollment will be taking place on Oct. 24-Nov. 23. Individual meetings can be scheduled from Oct. 24-Nov. 9. Health benefits fair scheduled for Oct. 19. There were 84 people voluntarily removed from university benefits during the recent dependent verification program and 18 people still in going through the appeals process.

D) USAC subcommittee status reports

  1. Bylaws and Charter—Making progress on themes and language. They hope to have a version to present to the USAC council by December 2011 or January 2012.
  2. Community Service—Maureen Barry is hosting the Big Read Event on Nov. 9, and USAC has been invited to volunteer at the event from 1-3:30 p.m. As part of the event, they (first year programs) would like to do a food drive and have asked USAC to help organize the drive. The Community Service subcommittee will also contact USAC members to see who is interested in participating in either the reading or the food drive.
  3. Compensation, Benefits, and Equity
  4. Communications & Marketing—Nothing to report
  5. Nominations & Fundraising—Need to be conscious of nominations when we are creating the bylaws and charter.

E) University committee updates

  1. Athletic Council—There is a possibility that the Blackboard to Backboard program will expand to include a rewards system for students who encourage other students to attend the events. The Rinzler project has been delayed due to weather. Completion date has been moved to Nov./Dec.
  2. Dining Services—No report
  3. Parking Services—No report
  4. Semester Conversion—Open meeting tomorrow to unveil graduate planning strategy (GPS) system. New class time blocks for semesters have recently changed. Semesters website needs to be updated with new time blocks.
  5. Sustainability—No report
  6. University Diversity Advocacy Council—No report
  7. University Staff Council—No report
  8. Wellness & Recreation
  9. WSU Bookstore Committee—No report
  10. Staff Council Human Resources Committee—No report
  11. OSCHE—Next meeting is Friday, Oct. 21.
  12. Lake Campus—First phase of the new student-housing (student villas) project is very close to completion. Students will be moving in this November. Sodexho food service is now open for business. The new campus eatery is called the Boat House. Lake Campus bookstore is now a Barnes & Noble store. The recent campus food and school supply drive was very successful. Community garden initiative is in the works. Fall professional development event on diversity is in the works.

F) Unfinished business—None

G) New business

  1. Process for newsletter/email blast communications—The plan will be to send the information out to the council 48 hours before it is released to the university. If there are any changes or discussion, it will need to be made during that time.
  2. Semi-monthly payroll—Henry Limouze would like staff input on this initiative. The officers will try to gather more information before the next meeting.
  3. Bereavement leave proposal from CBES—No time to discuss at meeting. Will move to unfinished business at next meeting.
  4. Performance appraisal feedback—Draft versions have been sent to council members. No time to discuss at meeting. Will move to unfinished business at next meeting.

H) Questions or issues from other unclassified staff in attendance—None

I) Schedule reminders

  • Next USAC Meeting—Thursday, November 10, 2011 in 157 Student Union

J) Adjourn meeting—Meeting was adjourned at 10:33 a.m.

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