Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


July 14, 2011
9:00–10:30 am

264 Brehm Lab


Council Members: David Bringhurst, Brandy Foster, Wendy Riddell, Susan Wehmeyer, Jacqueline Robinson, Craig This, Megan McCurdy
Susan D’Autremont, David Finnie, Marian Hogue Brainard, Courtney Smith, Wendy Chetcuti, Colleen Hayden


A. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 9:04 a.m.

B. Discussion and approval of minutes from June 9, 2011 - approved as presented

C. USAC Committee and University Committee Reports:

    1. No USAC subcommittee or university committee reports were presented.
    2. It was decided that, for future USAC meetings, only items that the committee representatives feel are important, or require discussion, will be presented to the entire group. Any other updates will be posted on the USAC website.

D. Other business

    1. Staff Raises—President has approved a 2 percent across-the-board raise for the 2011-2012 fiscal year.
    2. Staff Development Day—Staff Development Day is on July 22. The Staff Development Day committee has asked for a volunteer for the morning session (registration desk and session ambassador). Please contact David Bringhurst if interested.
    3. New members and council representatives
      • All new members and representatives were introduced and an explanation of the role of USAC was presented to all members.
      • There are still vacancies on several USAC subcommittees and university committees that need filled. Attendees that are interested were asked to sign up after the meeting.
      • An at-large position on the Communications and Marketing subcommittee was created.

E. Items for Discussion

    1. USAC bylaws and charter
      • A new USAC subcommittee is being created to address our bylaws and rules.
      • Items that need to be addressed by the new subcommittee include: quorum, voting rules, definition of officer roles, rules for secretary-elect (newly created position), rules for hourly representative, voting rights of past chair, eligibility for USAC subcommittees (can volunteer members participate), process for appointing committee representatives, bylaw review process, frequency of meetings, role of Lake Campus and Boonshoft School of Medicine representatives, budget/stipends for officers and justification for budget, historical documents, etc.

G. Adjournment and Next Meeting

Meeting adjourned by David Bringhurst, USAC Chair, at 10:31 a.m. Next meeting is Thursday, August 11, 2011.

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