Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


Thursday, March 8, 2012
9–10:30 a.m.
008 Student Union


USAC Council Members: David Bringhurst, Audwin Jones, Jen McCamis, Megan McCurdy, Jacqueline Neal, Wendy Riddell, Craig This, Cindy Vanzant, Susan Wehmeyer

University Committee Members: Susan D'Autremont, David Finnie, Mary Raider, Marty Jenkins, Gretchen Rentz, Melissa Vanzant, Chris Wydman

Guest(s): None

Absent: Brandy Foster, Nancy Pestian, Jacqueline Robinson, Marian Brainerd, Wendy Chetcuti, Colleen Hayden, Jill Puthoff, Courtney Smith, Valita Wilhoite

A) Call meeting to order—Meeting was called to order at 9:04 a.m., by David Bringhurst, USAC Chair

B) Approval of minutes from February 9 meeting—Minutes were approved as presented.

C) Officer's report

  • Spring USAC/CSAC meeting—Joint meeting with USAC/CSAC will be held on May 2, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., in 156 Student Union. During the meeting, we will discuss the 2008 staff survey and ask for feedback on where the staff thinks we are with the recommendations and if there is anything else that should be focusing on.
  • Performance Appraisal Update—Email from Henry Limouze was sent out on Feb. 20 regarding performance reviews and the new evaluation form that was developed by OD&L. Still some confusion regarding the form…is it the only method of doing appraisals next year or is it just one of the tools that staff can use? We will request clarification at the next Staff Council meeting and ask that an email goes out soon that with further explain the new process.
  • HMO Health Care Issues—The Anthem HMO health insurance coverage has changed and the out-of-state coverage for this plan is now confined to only Kentucky and Indiana. A message went out explaining this change and those on that plan were given the opportunity to switch over to the PPO coverage if they needed broader out-of-state coverage. The message gave those affected less than a week to convert to the PPP plan, if they chose to do so. The change went into effect on January 1 and the message didn’t go out until late February. No follow up messages have been sent out to explain how the university is rectifying the issue.

D) Unfinished Business

  • Bylaws and Charter—We continued the discussion over the proposed changes to the USAC bylaws and charter. During the discussion, new questions were raised. The committee will bring forth a revised version of the bylaws and charter to the next meeting.

E) USAC subcommittee status reports

  • Bylaws and Charter—Nothing to report.
  • Community Service—Nothing to report.
  • Compensation, Benefits, & Equity—Nothing to report.
  • Communications & Marketing—Nothing to report.
  • Nominations & Fundraising—Nothing to report.

F) University committee updates

  • Athletic Council—The women’s basketball team ended the regular season in third place this year and are still playing in the tournament. The baseball team is expected to win the Horizon League this year. Cancer Awareness event at end of April and Rowdy Awards will be on May 20.
  • Dining Services—Shawn Mulryan is the new catering manager.
  • Parking Services—Nothing to report.
  • Semester Conversion—Students are unhappy with the communication process regarding semesters. Students weren’t reading WINGS messages and it has been determined that students DO read information from their academic college. The semesters committee is developing standards for students with undeclared majors in regards to the pledge.
  • Sustainability—Nothing to report.
  • University Diversity Advocacy Council—Nothing new to report.
  • University Staff Council—Nothing to report.
  • Wellness & Recreation—Nothing to report.
  • WSU Bookstore Committee—Nothing new to report.
  • Staff Council Human Resources Committee—Nothing to report.
  • OSCHE—Nothing to report.
  • Lake Campus—Community service project (garden project) is in process. The harvest will be given to the food bank.

G) Questions or issues from other unclassified staff in attendance

H) Schedule reminders

  • Staff Council—Wednesday, March 14, 2012
  • HR Subcommittee Meeting—March 28, 2012
  • USAC—Thursday, April 12, 2012

I) Adjourn meeting—Meeting was adjourned at 10:34 p.m., by David Bringhurst, USAC Chair.

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