Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


December 9, 2010
9:00 - 10:30 am

264 Brehm Lab


Council Members: Jacqui Neal, Jen McCamis, Kary Brigger, David Bringhurst, Jacqueline Robinson, Denise Anderson, Curt Pederson, Susan Wehmeyer, Mary Healea
Representatives: John Holm, David Finnie, Jerry Hensley, Craig This, Liane Mulhenkamp, Chris Wydman, Karen Strider-Iiames
Guests: C
ourtney Smith

A. Call to Order 

The meeting was called to order by Jacqui Neal, USAC Chair, at 9:00 a.m.

B. Approval of Minutes for November 10, 2010.

The minutes were approved as presented.

C) USAC Subcommittee Reports

  1. Community Service - Susan Wehmeyer, Jen McCamis, Jacqui Neal, Curt Pederson- Update on Food Pantry donation - Stuff the Bus Idea for May Daze (proposed by Jerry Hensley) – Going to pursue more details on this idea for possible USAC help for May Daze
  1. Compensation, Benefits, & Equity - Jacqueline Robinson, David Bringhurst, Denise Anderson, Kiel Rottgen, Jason Kohlhepp, Jerry Hensley, Mary Healea- Rewritten memo to Dr. Henry Limouze; proposed schedule of events-memo was approved by USAC; Henry was extremely positive about the letter and he will share this memo with the Provost and Robert Sweeney; USAC approved the motion to authorize CBES to create the action plan and work with administration on it without recourse to USAC approval at each step. This decision was made to facilitate work on the project since the plan does not represent a USAC position.
  1. Newsletter / Marketing - Jamie Norris, Wendy Riddell, Kary Brigger-Opening lines of communication to all Unclassified Staff; suggestions for increasing participation – need to figure out a way to get the word out about our meetings-asked Denise the best possible way-maybe have Patty Vendt set up a distribution list; we would like to get our meeting schedule out and encourage more people to attend meetings
  1. Nominations / Fundraising - Brandy Foster, Jen McCamis, Denise Anderson, Kiel Rottgen, Chris Wydman -Fundraiser ideas:  address labels-still need to get a cost estimate; discussion on how much people usually use labels and send out mail; is this a viable idea; water bottles-add a gift card or something to put inside a few to get these out and sold

D) University Committee Reports

  1. Athletic Council - Calvin Robinson, David Finnie –Athletics Diversity Workshop that will take place on next Wed. 12/15 from 8a-12p in the Berry Room in the Nutter Center
  2. University Diversity Advocacy Council - Megan Watson (out on maternity leave; return in January)
  3. Parking Services - John Holm, Colleen Hayden – no meeting; reminder to renew your parking pass
  4. Semester Conversion - Chris Wydman -– faculty are not on campus so things have slowed down in terms of approvals; Director of Semester Conversion – Herbert Dregalla has submitted his name as a possible candidate- he would then step down as the head of the Music Dept.; no advisor within the office itself, but lots of departments are hiring new advisors by the beginning of Spring so they can begin advising for Fall 2012; location of new office is most likely going to be in University Hall-staffing issues are still be discussed for this office-most likely 2 or 3 dedicated staff members for a 2 year appointment; open forum for Director of SC office is Dec. 10 at 1:30 in 163 SU; possible fee schedule set up for universal use; classroom utilization study is going on and the problems seem to be at a minimum; going to be ample classrooms and space but the medium size classrooms/classes will be the only real issue; course approvals are about 2/3 completed but the accurate number of classes is hard to nail down; hopefully completed in February with course approvals; pilot advising program to help schools improve their graduation rate- will an ongoing tool for program improvement-possible roll out in Fall 2012
  5. Sustainability - Karen Strider-Iiames –Sustainability website –Linda Ramey is new associate director and will assist Hunt Brown; please check out sustainability website and send any suggestions; adopt a highway program – 6 people volunteered – we have a 4 year commitment to do this project; solar panel tour – on Student Union which helps to heat the pool; article in DDN about WSU and their Green improvements; WSU is 8% below energy usage; recycling boxes are really being encouraged and if you need one please call physical plant at 4444 to receive one; WSU ranked 7 out of 15th in recycle mania; Winter quarter energy water dorm competition  and an initiative for dorm cleanout-recycling old things; survey will be going out again to get feedback
  6. University Dining Services - Melissa Vanzant – November meeting minutes-Dec 9-12 is the Madrigal Dinner; Battle of the Chef’s for faculty, staff and students; Faculty member suggested doing a community garden
  7. Wellness and Recreation - Craig This, Marian Hogue – no updates
  8. WSU Bookstore- Mary Healea – no December meeting
  9. WSU Staff Council - Jacqueline Neal, Mary Healea, Kary Brigger, Curt Pederson, David Bringhurst –Dr. Rickert spoke about the general election repercussions and still have many unknowns in regards to budget; staff training and leadership training and possible training for new staff members; please send suggestions to Albert Bondurant
  10. WSU Human Resources Committee - Jacqueline Neal, Nancy Pestian, Curt Pederson, David Bringhurst –next meeting is Tuesday, December 14
  11. OSCHE - Curt Pederson –next meeting in January
  12. Lake Campus - Gretchen Rentz, Liane Muhlenkamp –Staff Enrichment day is next week which is an all-day event; speaker Nancy James Smith- curiosity is the theme for the day; make donations to local food pantries

E) Other Business

  1. General Announcements - Suggestions on restructuring the USAC meetings; Jacqui will email everyone to solicit ideas and explain the proposed change of meeting schedule
  2. We Serve U update; modeled after Lexis Nexis; but proposed to President and he is extremely thrilled that it was coming from the staff and not top down; still have many issues that need to be worked out in regards to the proposal; meeting this week was positive and suggest it be a schedule like the Move-In day volunteer opportunities; possible have 4 themes – move in day (september), keeping the woods (summer), health and wellness (poker walk in May), wright patt (collaborate with them for solider ideas in December)
  3. Staff Development Day review–Theme was community service and did many hands on projects and had a panel on community service; about 90 staff participated which is a little lower than last years; next Staff Day will be July 22 (tentative)- Semester Conversion committee would like to have a session; shouldn’t this day just belong to OD&L and not be with USAC/CSAC; why can’t the budget be with us then or give stipend; work is all on USAC/CSAC but budget is with OD&L; survey coming out about future ideas and comments on the last staff day; we intend to propose an agenda item for the next Staff Council meeting to discuss whether or not USAC/CSAC should continue with SDD in light of its apparent duplication with OD&L's purpose

F) Additional Topics
Possible new committee reps:

  1. Budget & Planning Committee representative; Jacqueline could be this rep; but is this different than going to the BOT meeting in regards to budget issue; Budget has no real committee so there is no need for us to develop this new rep
  2. Building & Grounds rep – reportedly this is a faculty-only (and faculty-created) committee which seems to be the reason they have historically denied USAC a seat at the table
  3. Second Mile Group rep – have a USAC member attend their meetings

The meeting was adjourned by Jacqui Neal, USAC Chair, at 10:26 a.m.

G) Next Meeting -Thursday, January 13, 2011, 9:00 am in 264 Brehm Lab


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