Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


June 09, 2011
9:00 - 10:30 am

264 Brehm Lab


Council Members: Jacqui Neal, Jacqueline Robinson, Curt Pederson, Mary Healea, Keil Rottgen, Jamie Norris, Susan Wehmeyer, Jen McCamis, Wendy Riddell, Nancy Pestian, David Bringhurst, Brandy Foster, Denise Anderson, Kary Brigger
New Council Members: Cindy Vanzant, Audie Jones
Craig This (also new council member), Colleen Hayden, Jerry Hensley, John Holm, Melissa Vanzant, David Finnie, Chris Wydman


A. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Jacqui Neal, USAC Chair, at 9:00 a.m.


B. Discussion and approval of minutes from May 12, 2011 - approved as presented


C. USAC Committee Reports:

  • Nominations
    • Welcome New Council Members; Megan McCurdy not present; All current members introduced themselves; Need to search for Hourly-Unclassified staff member to take Mary’s place-3 year term; 25 nominations; 9 accepted; 252 total votes with 4 new members elected
  • Community Service / Fundraising
    • Table at the Staff/Retirees Picnic; We Serve U update – First event was Health and Wellness walk-raised $350 for Hospice of Dayton- website will be up soon
  • Newsletter-final newsletter for June should be out soon
  • CBES- no update

D. University committee reports

  1. Lake Campus - http://www.wright.edu/lake/facstaff/sac/
  2. Dining Services minutes for May
  3. Wellness and Rec-please volunteer for picnic
  4. OSCHE – meets next week in Columbus
  5. Semester Conversion-hiatus until Sept
  6. Parking-no meetings all year-issue brought up to the president-Colleen will stay on top of this issue as she is our new rep for next year
  7. Bookstore May minutes
  8. Athletic Council – Rinsler project started on North Campus; 26 consecutive qtrs of 3.0 gpa; Espn appearances; softball won horizon league-for more information please review this document


E. Other business

  1. Staff Picnic / Raffle – June 23
  2. Staff Development Day - Friday, July 22; registration is now online
  3. Recognition of Departing Members-3 council members leaving- Kiel, Kary, and Denise
    • Committee vacancies: Community Service, CBES (2), Nominations, Newsletter, Dining Services, Athletics, Diversity Council, Bookstore, Wellness & Rec, Parking, Sustainability, OSCHE
    • Gretchen Rentz will be new Lake campus rep; Colleen Hayden will be BSOM rep again next year.
  4. Final Report / Year in Review
  5. First Comments from incoming Chair - David Bringhurst – vision for next year starts with reflecting on what we’ve done in the past; continue with our improved communication and goals; challenges ahead-nature of USAC position to the university-giving our time-minimal guidance from our charter and would like to build bylaws-creation of new committee to help build these new bylaws; continued support/giving time from all members for USAC to be productive
  6. Election of 2011-2012 officers (Chair-elect, Secretary, Secretary-elect) Secretary-Wendy elected; Secretary-elect-Susan Wehmeyer elected; Chair-elect-Brandy Foster elected
  7. 2011-2012 Meeting Schedule – 2nd Thursday of every month; 9-10:30; venue TBD

G. Adjournment and Next Meeting

Meeting adjourned by David Bringhurst, USAC Chair, at 10:30 a.m. Next meeting is Thursday, July 14, 2011.

3640 Colonel Glenn Highway - Dayton, Ohio - 45435
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