Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


March 10, 2011
9:00 - 10:30 am

264 Brehm Lab


Council Members: Jacqui Neal, Jacqueline Robinson, Curt Pederson, Mary Healea, Keil Rottgen, Jamie Norris, Susan Wehmeyer, Jen McCamis, Wendy Riddell, Nancy Pestian, David Bringhurst, Brandy Foster, Denise Anderson
Liane Mulenkamp, Jerry Hensley, John Holm, Karen Strider-Iiames, Megan Watson, Marian Hogue
Courtney Smith, Dr. Herb Dregalla, Dr. Deanne French, Bev Grunden


A. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Jacqui Neal, USAC Chair, at 9:00 a.m.


B. Semester Transition Update:

  • Overview: Dr. Herb Dregalla gave an overview of the importance of switching to a semester calendar (to ease transferability between schools, to be in line with approximately 90% of universities across the country, etc.).
  • Impact on Students: The university is making a pledge to students who will be making the quarter to semester transition during their studies that they will be able to finish in the same amount of time without spending any additional money if they follow the course set out by their advisor. The university has a semester website (www.wright.edu/semesters) to keep the university community informed on the transition. A new degree tracking tool, Graduation Planning Strategy (GPS) will be used to help students plan their studies.
  • Impact on Other Areas of the University: Not only will the academic areas be impacted by the transition. Units such as Residence Services and Dining Services will also need to plan for the semester transition.
  • Summer Terms: The plan for summer terms after the semester transition have not been finalized. It is thought that we will still be offering an A, B, and C term after we transition to semesters.
  • New Courses: There are some new courses being developed for the new semester system. Not sure if any courses will be offered at an accelerated 7 week time span instead of the traditional 14 weeks.
  • Summer Graduation: No current plans to hold a Summer 2012 graduation ceremony to accommodate the increased number of students who will be finishing their degree before the transition.
  • Timeline: The course encoding seems to be on track after the slowdown.


C. Approval of Minutes for February 10, 2011.

The minutes were approved as presented.


D. Items for Discussion

1. USAC Represents You:
David sent an email asking for staff to contact USAC with any concerns (that they may not want to discuss publicly on the listserv) through a gmail account. This was a response to listserv discussion last week regarding Ohio Senate Bill 5. Faculty senate approached Jacqui to work together in the future. When the new faculty president takes over, USAC and CSAC will update the faculty senate (on a semi-annual basis) on what the committees are working on.  Faculty Senate also expressed an interest in attending future USAC meetings. It was suggested that a USAC and CSAC Council member attend the faculty senate meetings or committee meetings, including the faculty budget committee meeting.

2. Staff Survey: 
Jacqui emailed bar chart to council members that illustrates councils perception on where we currently stand on some of the areas that were indicated as needing improvement, based on the 2008 staff survey. Jacqui asked council members to submit recommendations on what USAC can do to address some of the areas that still needed improvement. (ONGOING)

Leadership training: One area that was indicated as needing improvement was leadership training. The Office of Organizational Development and Learning (ODL) is offering an evaluation workshop at the end of the month for supervisors. Dr. Henry Limouze is also meeting with departmental chairs regarding training. Asked council members to submit where we are and what we can do to address areas that still need work.

Yearly Evaluations: A draft of the new review form, being developed by ODL, was passed around the council members for comment. There is a concern about using the new tool this year since staff was not aware, during the review year, about how they would be evaluated. Supervisor evaluation by employees or peers is being discussed in staff council…no progress yet.  (ONGOING)

3. Human Resources Focus Group:
Human Resources invited members from Staff Council to attend a focus group on long-term care benefits. Legacy Services is an outside vendor who would provide interested university employees with education and guidance on long-term care insurance. Wright State would give employees access to the vendor and they would come out and discuss the employees needs and provide options that fit those needs. Each employee would work individually on obtaining the insurance since Legacy Services is not a broker. Employees would pay a premium and it can not be paid through payroll deduction (since this is not a university-provided benefit). There is a possibility of having two different options for insurance premiums…pay a set amount each month or a gradual increase over the course of a lifetime.

4. Newsletter update/approval:
Newsletter will be going out on March 11, 2011, so any changes need to be submitted to Wendy Riddell as soon as possible.

5. News from Athletic Council:
Dave Finnie provided information about the new Allan Rinzler Athletic Complex, which will be built down by athletics fields off of University Boulevard, on the east side of campus. The complex will be used by Campus Recreation for a variety of purposes, including club football and lacrosse. Construction will begin this summer. The complex will also include concession stands and other athletic fields. Rinzler donated $1 million for the project. It may have a running track in the future, but no plans for that right now.

6. Report from Staff Council:

Dependent Verification Project : The dependent verification project will be launching in the coming days. Email should go out on Friday, March 11, that will announce the kickoff. Next week, a letter should be going out to all of those who have dependents covered by Wright State health care. After this project is over, there may be a process in place with HR for all new employees or dependent changes.

Ohio Senate Bill 5: Dr Limouze provided members with a summary of the Ohio Senate Bill 5. There are still a lot of unknowns, including which sections of the bill pertain to higher education.

Separation Incentive Savings: A chart was provided by Dr. Fillipic that shows the estimated savings to the university through the recent staff separation incentive. The chart was dated 10/10. Not sure if an updated chart is available.

Workplace Bullying/Violence: Policy revision is in the works. There is a CSAC representative on the committee. Should there also be a USAC representative?


E. University Committee Reports - Schedule of committee meetings can be found here: www.wright.edu/aboutwsu/orgs/usac/commreps.html.

Bookstore Advisory Committee minutes for February
Semesters Steering Committee minutes for March


F. Other Business

1. General Announcements:

USAC Nominations: USAC nominations are coming up. Currently scheduled from April 25 through May 2.

CoSM Deans Search: Candidates are currently being interviewed. Hope to have an announcement by the end of March/early April.

2. OD&L Leadership Academy:
Presentation on employee evaluations will be held at the end of March. Look for future program announcements and encourage people to attend.

3. Staff Council Reorganization:
Staff Council is considering restructuring their meeting format and schedule for the next academic year.

4. We Serve U:
First event will be piggybacked off of the university’s Poker Walk on May 18. A 50/50 raffle will be held with proceeds going to Hospice. T-shirts and lapel pens have been purchased for the event. Future We Serve U events, including the Biology Reserve clean up, Move-In Day, and sending packages to the troops, will be planned for the remainder of the calendar year.

G. Adjournment and Next Meeting

Meeting adjourned by Jacqui Neal, USAC Chair, at 10: 30 a.m. Next meeting will be on April 14, 2011, 9:00 am in 264 Brehm Lab.


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