Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


December 17, 2009
9:00 - 10:30 am

339 Fawcett Hall


Kary Brigger, Curt Pederson, Jacqui Neal, Kiel Rottgen, Mary Kenton,  John Holm, David Bringhurst, Kevin Knapp, Nancy Pestian, Denise Anderson, Chris Wydman, Jerry Hensley, Jason Kohlhepp, Wendy Feerer, Jennifer McCamis, Karen Strider-Iiames, and Rob Boley..

A. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Curt Pederson, USAC Chair, at 9:04 a.m.

B. Approval of Minutes for November 19, 2009.

The minutes were approved as presented.

C. Committee Reports

1. Athletic Council - Mary Kenton, Vivian Mitchell - No report. The five-year plan has been completed.

2. Diversity Advocacy Council - Erin Brigham - No report.

3. Parking Services - John Holm - No report. As a reminder, 2009 parking permits expire at the end of December.

4. President's Award for Excellence - Kevin Knapp, Chris Wydman - Staff Council did approve making the President's Award for Excellence committee a subcommittee of Staff Council.

5. Semester Conversion Committee - Chris Wydman - The final draft of the GE proposal is going to the faculty senate. Hopefully, they will approve at a special meeting in January. Over summer and fall, transition guides will be published. At this point, departments are being asked to revise their curriculums and obtain approval at the college level. Fall Semester 2012 will start August 27th through December 15th. Spring Semester 2013 will be January 7th through April 26th.

6. Sustainability - Karen Strider-Iiames - Notes attached.

7. University Dining Services - Melissa Vanzant - Notes attached.

8. Wellness and Recreation - Craig This - Notes attached.

9. WSU Bookstore - Mary Healea - No report.

10. WSU Staff Council - Jacqueline Neal, Mary Healea, Rob Boley, Curt Pederson, Chris Wydman - Tamara Jones was invited to discuss the results of the voluntary employee separation program. With so many of the WSU leadership leaving, the University is looking at reorganizing certain areas. The state budget was also discussed, including its impact on staff raises. Vicky Davidson discussed the new master plan for the University. Staff Council will be involved in the process.

11. WSU Human Resources Committee - Jacqueline Neal, Mary Healea, Rob Boley, Curt Pederson, Chris Wydman - Provost Angle presented the committee's charter and mission statement. The group discussed revisions to the job abolishment letters. Chris and Joanie will follow up with Allan Boggs on the proposed changes. Also discussed were HR staffing (Rich Johnson will be replaced; Buddy Berry's direct reports will now report to Allan Boggs)  measurements for the Staff Liaison, automated system for leave requests (still in process), and telecommuting policy (no update).

D. Other Business

Topic Discussion Follow-Up
1. Subcommittee on Employee Compensation and Benefits Curt sent a message to the Provost asking for the administration to send staff an update about the staff raises. Beyond just the raises, another issue is the lack of communication with staff. Examples include the status of the proposed telecommuting policy and the follow-up from the Staff Survey. Volunteers for an exploratory group included David Bringhurst, Denise Anderson, Jason Kohlhepp, Mary Healea, Kiel Rottgen, Chris Wydman, Jerry Hensley, and Kevin Knapp. The exploratory group will draft a charter for the new sub-committee.
2. Community Service Project Update Rob Boley, Curt Pederson, and Jacqui Neal met with Biology faculty (Jim Amon and Jim Runkle) to discuss the WSU Biology Preserve, and possible community service opportunities. Next time, Rob, Curt, and Jacqui will discuss this in greater detail.
3. Job Swap No update at this time.  
4. Student Mentoring This program will match willing staff members with students as mentors. The program  would help students to learn more about the services available on campus and to feel more welcome on campus.  Kary will proceed with the program.
5. USAC Pictures for Website Kary Brigger took pictures of USAC members. Rob Boley will post the pictures to the USAC website.

E. Adjournment and Next Meeting

The meeting was adjourned by Curt Pederson, USAC Chair, at 10:26 a.m. The next meeting is in 339 Fawcett on Thursday, January 21st @ 9:00 a.m.


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