Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


November 19, 2009
9:00 - 10:30 am

339 Fawcett Hall


Kary Brigger, Jacqui Neal, Mary Kenton,  John Holm, Jennifer McCamis, David Bringhurst, Craig This, Kevin Knapp, Nancy Pestian, Mary Healea, Denise Anderson, Chris Wydman, Jerry Hensley, and Wendy Feerer, Karen Strider-Iiames, and Rob Boley..

A. Call to Order 

The meeting was called to order by Jacqui Neal, USAC Chair-Elect, at 8:59 a.m.

B. Approval of Minutes for October 8, 2009.

The minutes were approved as presented.

C. Committee Reports

1. Athletic Council - Mary Kenton, Vivian Mitchell - Notes attached.

2. Diversity Advocacy Council - Erin Brigham - Notes attached.

3. Parking Services - John Holm - Notes attached.

4. President's Award for Excellence - Kevin Knapp, Chris Wydman - Later today, there will be a motion to move the awards event to fall under Staff Council. The past chairs of USAC and CSAC will be the chairs of the committee. The committee will look at increasing the number of nominations and allowing honorees to invite more guests.

5. Semester Conversion Committee - Chris Wydman - No report.

6. Sustainability - Karen Strider-Iiames - No report.

7. University Dining Services - Melissa Vanzant - Notes attached.

8. Wellness and Recreation - Craig This, Lindy Lauterbach - Notes attached. Lindy has attained a new position at Lake Campus, so will no longer be able to serve as the Wellness and Recreation co-rep.

9. WSU Bookstore - Mary Healea - December 4th is the annual Bookstore Gala with discounts and free gift wrapping for the campus community. Mark Donahue will also be signing books. Also, unneeded books are sent to a center for recycling. The bookstore is making an effort to promote the real costs of textbooks.

10. WSU Staff Council - Jacqueline Neal, Mary Healea, Rob Boley, Curt Pederson, Chris Wydman - No report.

11. WSU Human Resources Committee - Jacqueline Neal, Mary Healea, Rob Boley, Curt Pederson, Chris Wydman - The Health Fair this year featured 30+ vendors. HR now has point-of-service surveys available both online and in hard copy in the office. From November 4th through December 4th, WSU will hold open enrollment for the various healthcare plans, and life insurance.

D. Other Business

1. Community Service Project - Biology faculty are interested in discussing ideas for volunteer work in the Biology Preserve.

2. Helping Hands - Faculty Senate is willing to participate in this committee. If anyone would like to participate, please let Curt know.

3. Meeting with Robert Sweeney - Curt and Chris met with Robert Sweeney to talk about the impact that the separation agreement and semester conversion had on staff. Dr. Sweeney would like staff input on how WSU can operate more efficiently with the resulting reorganization. We'll be seeking questions from staff about the semester conversion process. Please send any questions to Chris. The group discussed the inequity of bargain-unit faculty receiving raises yet staff not receiving raises. Also discussed: the need for transparency from upper administration; a growing divide between represented and non-represented employees; and the need for a USAC subcommittee on employee compensation and benefits. USAC will have the opportunity to get more involved with the WSU master plan for development on campus, once the various bids are reviewed.

4. Job Swap - No report at this time.

5. Day of Innovation - The day started with a press conference in the Student Union Atrium, which was well-attended by staff. Throughout the day, the campus community could participate in online brainstorming sessions. The day concluded with the Presidential Lecture series. Overall, the day was considered a great success.

6. USAC Pictures for Website - Group and individual pictures will be taken at USAC's December meeting.

7. Lindy as Lake Campus Liaison - The group agreed that Lindy will serve as USAC's liaison with Lake Campus.

E. Other Topics

1. Staff Development Day - The event will be held on Tuesday, December 1st. The theme is "Building a Better U." Provost Angle will be the lunchtime speaker. Staff are encouraged to attend.

2. Semester Conversion - With the increased workload for the conversion, there may need to be a discussion for compensation for staff working outside their regular duties. This issue will be discussed in Staff Council.

F. Adjournment and Next Meeting

The meeting was adjourned by Jacqui Neal, USAC Chair Elect, at 10:30 a.m. The next meeting is in 339 Fawcett on Thursday, December 17th @ 9:00 a.m.


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