Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


December 11, 2008
8:30 - 10:00 am

339 Fawcett Hall


Kiel Rottgen, Jacqueline Neal, Mary Healea, Curt Pederson, Barb Bullock, John Sheidler, JasonKohlhepp, Chris Wydman, Patrick Kachurek, Helen Kay Dean, Mary Kenton, and Rob Boley.

The meeting was called to order by Chris Wydman, USAC Chair at 8:38 a.m.

I. Welcome by Chris Wydman

II. Approval of Minutes for November 13, 2008.

The minutes were approved as presented.

III. Committee Reports

1. Athletic Council - Mary Kenton, John Sheidler - No report.

2. Diversity Advocacy Council - Helen Kay Dean - Notes from meeting are attached.

3. Parking Services - Adam Horseman - No report.

4. President's Award for Excellence - Kevin Knapp, Chris Wydman - No report.

5. Sustainability - Jason Kohlhepp - No report. Minutes will be forthcoming.

6. University Dining Services - Lisa Bleeke - Notes from meeting are attached.

7. University Staff Council - Barb Bullock, Mary Healea, Rob Boley, Curt Pederson, Chris Wydman - No report.

8. Wellness and Recreation - Jason Kohlhepp - Notes from meeting are attached.

9. WSU Bookstore - Mary Healea - No report.

IV. Other Business

1. Staff Supervisory Training Program - Albert Bondurant updated Staff Council on the progress of this initiative. Due to budgeting and personnel issues, the program will likely be scaled back. However, this spring, there will be leadership orientation for new supervisors. Eventually, training will be provided for all current supervisors.

2. Winterfest - USAC will sponsor one or more Health Break Luncheons instead of Winterfest, possibly partnering with CSAC.

3. HR Advisory Committee - Human Resources has established an internal policy for a 72-hour response time to all employee requests. HR will soon be posting a FAQ's page to the website. Allan Boggs distributed the questions at the December meeting, and the answers will be forthcoming. Hopefully, the FAQ's page will be online by the end of February. HR is also developing a point-of-service survey. It remains to be seen exactly how and when the survey will be distributed to staff, and who will receive responses. HR has been getting some good feedback on the enhanced online content and communication efforts. Allan Boggs said that multiple new policies are going to be established or revised soon. Discussions about the move to University Park are ongoing; however, there are multiple issues that must be addressed first. The committee discussed the role of Staff Liaison and under what circumstances employees should be referred by HR to the Staff Liaison.

4. Adoption Assistance Program - This new program is effective immediately. Although the announcement of the program from HR mentioned that this program was developed with consultation of Staff Council, the Staff Council was not involved.

5. Water Bottles - We are going to start selling the water bottles through the Libraries marketing them as soon as possible as stocking stuffers. The bottles will also be promoted via the USAC website.

6. HR Policy Drafts Update - The policies we've reviewed are undergoing substantial revision. They will hopefully be finalized in the next month.

7. Staff Survey Update - The Dialogue article about USAC's and CSAC's involvement in the Staff Survey is still in the works.

8. Lake Campus Rep - Sharon Showman will begin attending Staff Council meetings on behalf of Lake Campus. When she cannot attend, she will appoint someone to attend on her behalf.

V. Additional Items

1. Personal Use of Computers - We discussed the personal use of University computers, as noted in Wright Way Policy 3002.

VI. Adjournment and Next Meeting

The meeting was adjourned by Chris Wydman, USAC Chair, at 10:14 a.m. The next meeting is in 339 Fawcett on Thursday, January 8, 2009 @ 8:30.


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