Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


December 13, 2007
8:30 - 10:00 am

339A Fawcett


Greg Kojola
Chris Wydman
Linda Hockaday
Curt Pederson
David Hurwitz
Mary Healea
Rob Boley
Barb Bullock
Jason Kohlhepp
Lisa Bleeke
Patrick Kachurek
Jerry Hensley
John Sheidler
Pam Berry-Griffis
Denise Anderson
Mary Kenton

The meeting was called to order by Barb Bullock, USAC Chair at 8:37 am.

I. Welcome by Barb Bullock

II. Approval of Minutes for November 8, 2007
The minutes were approved as presented.

III. Committee Reports

1--Athletic Council - Pam Berry-Griffis, Mary Kenton

Subcommittees have been formed. There has been little business so far, mostly getting organized for the year. There will be three lectures this winter before basketball games. There will be a nominal cost for the lecture/meal/parking. Dan Krane will be the first lecturer. It is expected there will be room for 30-40 people to attend.

2--Parking Services - Wendy Chetcuti

No Report.

There were several comments that the online parking pass renewal was fast and easy.

3--President's Award for Excellence - Mary Healea

This committee will probably start up again in January or February.

4--Sustainability - Barb Bullock, John Sheidler

No meeting since last council meeting.

5--University Dining Services - Lisa Bleeke

Notes from last meeting are attached. No December meeting since students are on break.

6--University Diversity Advocacy Council - Denise Anderson

Notes from last meeting are attached.

7--University Staff Council - Barb Bullock, Mary Healea, Greg Kojola, John Sheidler, Chris Wydman

A discussion of our upcoming survey led to an HR discussion. Staff are unhappy with HR issues. USAC never received the written responses we were promised for our open forum last year. Not all questions were answered in the forum.

The original question list was submitted to Associate Provost Bill Rickert. He will get the answers for us. We are expecting answers in December 2007.

8--Wellness and Recreation - Jason Kohlhepp

November and December notes are attached.

9--WSU Bookstore Committee - Mary Healea

No meeting since last council meeting.

V. Old Business

1--SubCommittee for Unclassified Survey - David Hurwitz

The survey was discussed. A few revisions were made. The latest version is attached. A discussion about the University structure occurred. The University organizational chart is available online.

2--SubCommittee for Nominations/Elections - Rob Boley, Jason Kohlhepp, Greg Kojola

CaTS and the University Web Team were contacted about online voting. There was no response from the web team. CaTS had two options. The CaTS options will be investigated further. Nominations and voting should occur in May 2008 so that new members can attend the June meeting.

3--Charter Amendment

The topic was discussed with Robert Sweeney. Changes should not be an issue.

4--USAC Committees

The web pages and agenda have been updated to reflect the committee changes.

5--Staff Development Day

December 18th is the next event. Please encourage people to attend. USAC and CSAC will provide granola bars as a snack for the sessions.

VI. New Business

1--Chair Elect
Patrick Kachurek has stepped down as chair-elect. Chris Wydman as been appointed in his place. Patrick will continue to be a valuable council member for the duration of his term.

2--Performance Impact
This tool has been used by some groups at the University. Some people involved in testing at Lake Campus were unhappy and provided feedback to CSAC.

3--EAP Vendor
Human Resources is looking at EAP vendors. One vendor includes a more comprehensive set of benefits. If vendors change, there will be a transition for employees using the current vendor. Information on the current program is available online.

4--Short-term Disability
Kiel Rottgen from Purchasing has put together a good presentation on short-term disability options. This will be discussed at Staff Council.

VII. Other Topics
Rob Boley researched reuseable water bottles. The cost for a decent one is $4. He is checking on university pricing.

The meeting was adjourned by Barb Bullock, USAC Chair at 9:38 am.

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