Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


November 8, 2007
8:30 - 10:00 am

339A Fawcett


Greg Kojola
Chris Wydman
Linda Hockaday
Curt Pederson
David Hurwitz
Mary Healea
Karin DuChesne
Rob Boley
Barb Bullock
Jason Kohlhepp
Lisa Bleeke
Patrick Kachurek
Jerry Hensley
John Sheidler
Pam Berry-Griffis
Denise Anderson

The meeting was called to order by Barb Bullock, USAC Chair at 8:31 am.

I. Welcome by Barb Bullock

II. Approval of Minutes for October 11, 2007
The minutes were approved as presented.

III. Committee Reports

1-Athletic Council - Pam Berry-Griffis, Mary Kenton

Notes from meeting are attached.

2-University Diversity Advocacy Council - Denise Anderson

Notes from meeting are attached.

3-Parking Services - Wendy Chetcuti

Notes from meeting are attached.

4-University Dining Services - Lisa Bleeke

Notes from meeting are attached.

5-University Staff Council - Barb Bullock, Mary Healea, Patrick Kachurek, Greg Kojola, John Sheidler

No meeting since last USAC meeting.

6-Wellness and Recreation - Jason Kohlhepp

No meeting since last USAC meeting.

7-Sustainability - Barb Bullock, John Sheidler

The last meeting was November 7th. Sodexho and sustainability were discussed. New recycling containers are being installed. Roof gardens and parking are part of the discussion of Phase 6 of the Master Plan.

More local purchases would help save on fuel costs. Bottled water was discussed. Motion sensors are available for offices. A student light bulb replacement program is available.

Rob Boley will look into the possibility of reuseable USAC water bottles.

The cost and energy savings of departmental printers vs personal printers was discussed.

Cutting back on mailing printed information was discussed.

V. Old Business

1-HR Open Forum
An open forum with Albert Bondurant should be held. There was extensive discussion about the last open forum and what should be done next time. This topic will be tabled for now.

The subcommittee met with Albert Bondurant since he is working on a survey also. CSAC may participate and make this a staff survey instead of being USAC specific. Questions were reviewed.

3-Nomination/Election Process for 2008/2009
Greg and Jason met to review previous processes. Jason is going to look into options in CaTS. Greg is going to contact the WSU web team for options.

4-Charter Amendment
Section VI of the charter needs to be amended. Modification of the last two paragraphs should fix things. Barb will draft a revision.

5-Staff Summit
The summit was well attended even though there was a lack of notice. Barb and Patrick will participate in the summit at Lake Campus.

6-CSAC/USAC Committees
Adjustments will be made so representation on the Bookstore and Presidential Award committees is part of USAC.

VI. New Business

1-EAP Vendor
Human Resources is looking at EAP vendors. The USAC and CSAC chairs will attend, but the level of involvement is not known.

2-Staff Development Day
The next day will be December 18th. The date will be posted on the USAC web page. A discussion about providing granola bars occurred.

VII. Other Topics
No other topics were discussed.

The meeting was adjourned by Barb Bullock, USAC Chair at 10:03 am.

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