Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


January 10 , 2008
8:30 - 10:00 am

339A Fawcett


Greg Kojola
Linda Hockaday
Curt Pederson
David Hurwitz
Mary Healea
Rob Boley
Barb Bullock
Jason Kohlhepp
Lisa Bleeke
Patrick Kachurek
John Sheidler
Karin DuChesne

The meeting was called to order by Barb Bullock, USAC Chair at 8:35 am.

I. Welcome by Barb Bullock

II. Approval of Minutes for December 13, 2007
The minutes were approved as presented.

III. Committee Reports

1--Athletic Council - Pam Berry-Griffis, Mary Kenton

Committee members were not present. Curt Pederson reported that the last meeting was in November and the next meeting was January 25.

2--Parking Services - Wendy Chetcuti

There have been no meetings this quarter.

3--President's Award for Excellence - Mary Healea

This committee has not met yet.

4--Sustainability - Barb Bullock, John Sheidler

No meeting since last council meeting.

There are parking spots next to Diggs for low emissions, fuel efficint, car pool or van pool vehicles.

Heapy Engineering sent out Christmas cards that can be returned and the card and envelope will be recycled into Shaw carpet.

5--University Dining Services - Lisa Bleeke

No meeting since last council meeting.

6--University Diversity Advocacy Council - Denise Anderson

There is not much to support. HR promoted some new software they have.

7--University Staff Council - Barb Bullock, Mary Healea, Greg Kojola, John Sheidler, Chris Wydman

Kiel Rottgen from Purchasing presented his presentation about Short Term Disability and Supplemental Insurance. Bill Rickert will discuss the topic with HR.

Anthem has previously provided educational information to our employees with certain medical conditions. This is being expanded this year by their IRIS program. More employees could receive information from Anthem care coordinators.

Staff Development Day appears to have gone well again. More information will be available when survey results are complete.

A recommendation has been made to not move forward with Performance Impact. People may use the system if they want. It could get shelved temporarily to save money.

HR Customer Service was discussed. People can continue to contact individuals directly, but a main phone number and email will be set up. These will have all messages logged and tracked to better determine where improvements need to be made.

There are issues with timecards and paychecks for some people. Linda Sykes and Jeff Ulliman will be invited to explain the payroll process.

8--Wellness and Recreation - Jason Kohlhepp

No meeting since last council meeting.

9--WSU Bookstore Committee - Mary Healea

No meeting since last council meeting.

V. Old Business

1--SubCommittee for Unclassified Survey - David Hurwitz

The survey should be final. It will probably be conducted using Survey Monkey. This should only cost us $20-$40. This will be an all staff survey with CSAC instead of just USAC. The plan is to send out a preliminary email announcement. The survey will be released prior to Winterfest so that it can be advertised at that event.

2--SubCommittee for Nominations/Elections - Rob Boley, Jason Kohlhepp, Greg Kojola

CaTS has two options. Our recommendation is to use Wings Express for the nomination process and the Student Government voting application for the actual ballot. This will need to occur around late April and early May.

3--Charter Amendment

Barb Bullock is working on this.

4--Staff Development Day

Seemed to have good results. There were some issues with the lunch speakers. One topic was cancelled at the last minute. The presentation in the Rike trading room was great.

5--USAC Reuseable Water Bottles

Rob Boley researched some water bottle options. After some discussion it was decided we wanted to use an aluminum water bottle. Rob will look for one available in green. He will try to obtain samples for the next meeting. We would like to have the biplane printed on them. We discussed possibly using a promotion to help sell them. It was also discussed to have possibly give part of the proceeds to the Campus Scholarship Campaign.

6--Performance Impact

This was covered in the update on Staff Council.

7-Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

No updates available.

8-Short-term Disability

This was covered in the update on Staff Council.

9--HB 187 Board of Trustee Resolution

The Board of Trustees will vote on the resolution at their next meeting.

VI. New Business

1--2008 Open Meeting

After some discussion, it was decided to possibly return to an open June meeting for all unclassified staff. Departing and new council members could be recognized. Activities from this year and plans for next year could be covered. More planning will need to be done.

2--Secretary for March Meeting

Greg will not be available for the March meeting. This is his last term on council and as secretary. This would be a good opportunity for someone to learn about the secretary position. Curt Pederson volunteered to help.


WinterFest is January 31st at 2:30 in the Apollo Room of the Student Union. Help is needed.

4--Melissa Vanzant

Melissa has resigned from the council. According to the charter, we must appoint a replacement until the next election. Jason Kohlhepp was appointed. He was on the last election ballot and has served as a committee member this year.

5--Emergency Notification

While the emergency notification system was apparently activated for the suspicious persons, there were still problems. We will be asking about the procedure.

VII. Other Topics
It was discussed that there there could be better communication about the role of committee members. A page was created last year entitled What does a USAC member do? Greg will draft a similar page for the committee members.

The meeting was adjourned by Barb Bullock, USAC Chair at 10:11 am.

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