Unclassified Staff Advisory Council


November 16 , 2006
8:30 - 10:00 am

232J White Hall


Sheryl Kent
Mendy Beverly
Chris Wydman
David Hurwitz
John Sheidler
Susan Yeoman
Patrick Kachurek
Linda Hockaday
Gary Sutton
Karin Nevius
Michael Coyle
Barb Bullock
Amy Merhige
Jay Peterson

The meeting was called to order by John Sheidler, USAC Chair at 8:32 am.

I. Welcome by John Sheidler

II. Approval of Minutes for October 12, 2006
The minutes were approved as presented.

III. Special Presentation

Mr. Jeffrey A. Vernooy, Director, Office Of Disability Services gave council a presentation about the University Diversity Advisory Council (UDAC).

IV. Committee Reports

1-Athletic Council - Gary Sutton

November meeting is the 17th.

The new men's basketball coach was at the October meeting. Faculty, staff and students received recorded phone call from him inviting them to the game.

Cross country and soccer are over for the year. The Horizon Volleyball Championships are at the Nutter Center Nov 17-19.

2-Diversity Advisory Council - Jay Peterson

First meeting was held 11/13/06. Provost David Hopkins spoke in his support of University Diversity Advisory Council. He fully supports the “Quest for Community”, the Presidential Lecture Series, the continuously developing policies from HR, the Dayton Dialogue on Race Relations, and the many programs being put forth by various departments on campus. Part of the review of all Deans and Vice Presidents is their accountability of promoting diversity.

Jeff Vernooy gave a brief outline of the 2006 Quest for Community. The 2007 Quest will be held on Friday, April 13. As part of Quest and the new re-organization of UDAC to be inclusive of all departments and colleges – ALL areas will be asked to do something within their areas promoting diversity. Jeff had the assent from the Deans and Vice Presidents that some funds would be made available for their areas (if needed) for this request to be fulfilled. Thus Quest will not only take place in the student union – but through out the campus/es.

A full day retreat will be held on November 30 at the Kettering Center for all of UDAC. Dr. Derald Wing Sue, author of Overcoming Our Racism will be the speaker for the morning followed by full work/planning sessions in the afternoon.

The Teaching Guide for faculty will be ready for winter quarter – it is a guide that points out good practices when teaching a diverse student body.

3-Parking Services - Mike Coyle

No meeting since last USAC meeting.

4-University Dining Services - Karin Nevius

First meeting was October 19th. You can order gift baskets from Sodexho. The Bonus Blitz program will probably occur again. Sodexho is under a new three-year contract.

USAC members submitted suggestions to Karin.

5-University Staff Council - Mendy Beverly, Barb Bullock, Greg Kojola, John Sheidler

The next meeting is Nov 16th.

6-Wellness and Recreation - Sheryl Kent

Last Meeting was held on November 8, 2006.
Fall/Winter Programming- visit http://www.wright.edu/admin/wellness/Programs.html
Winter Break Intersession Rec Fit Group Fitness Schedule November 27th-December 22nd
Family Fun Night- Dec. 2 WSU Basketball vs. Detroit
Cross Ohio and the University Cup Challenge will begin in January

V. Old Business

1-Update on changing charter
The ad-hoc committee met. HR can now provide the breakdown for academic vs support. Sub-committee recommends we wait for new administration before pursuing any further.

2-Dr Goldenberg Retirement Celebration
Celebration will be Tuesday, January 16th from 3-5pm in the Student Union Apollo Room. There is no new information. Planning meeting for Nov 16th has been postponed.

3-Staff Development Day
The next event will be Monday, December 18th. The workshop list is online.

4-Meeting with CSAC
Several people met Oct 17th. Budget from university is the same. Officer pay is the same for both groups. They have open meetings, but have experienced very low attendance. Only 35 people attended meeting with Provost. John Sheidler will meet with CSAC quarterly.

5-CSAC/USAC Holiday Party
Party will be Dec 14th at 2:30 in either E156 or multi-purpose room of Student Union. There possibly will be Irish Dancers. Donations are being sought for flowers and the gift raffle.

6-HR Meeting
John Sheidler and Greg Kojola met with Allan Boggs and Tamara Jones. They will investigate pay and classification notices and resend. New salary bands are entered in Banner, but everyone may not be associated with them yet. There are issues with working at home due to hours, overtime and worker's compensation.

The hiring process for unclassified hourly employees is different due to the tracking system in Affirmative Action, and not because of the employee type. Must be careful about tracking hours for salaried employees as that could risk loss of FLSA status. HR always willing to talk. HR can address specific issues of concern if presented.

New application process will be implemented in 2007. It will be online and will have some nice features for both the university and the applicants.

7-Goals for 2006/2007
Consider a charity project. Poll staff for suggested groups, then find out if those groups have a wish list.
Consider an activity to show appreciation of staff.
Establish an anonymous way to submit items to council.

VI. New Business

1-Faculty Parking
There was a rumor about faculty parking. This was investigated. According to the Parking Committee Chair, the AAUP wants to negotiate some faculty-only parking spaces in Lots 8, 11, 12 and 17.

2-Proximity Cards/Readers
These are being tested right now. This would allow access to the gates lots without swiping a card. The card just needs to be near the reader.

3-WINGS Survey
Amy Merhige encouraged everyone to complete the WINGS survey that is currently online.

4-40th Anniversary
The University Libraries have a blog online.

The meeting was adjourned by John Sheidler, USAC Chair at 9:45 a m.

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