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December 1, 2005

2:30 – 4:00 pm

E041 Student Union




The meeting was called to order by Mendy Beverly, USAC Chair at 2:34 pm.


I.                   Welcome by Mendy Beverly


II.                Approval of Minutes from October 27, 2005

ˇ        A motion was made by Joyce Howse to approve the October 27, 2005 minutes as written.

ˇ        John Sheidler seconded the motion.

ˇ        The minutes were approved as written.


III.             Committee Reports

a.       Athletic Council

ˇ        Meeting of October 28, 2005

ˇ        Coaches' Corner - Bob Schul (cross country and track coach) Expecting a third/fourth place finish at the league championships in cross country. Bob was celebrating the 41st anniversary of his Olympic Gold Medal in track.

ˇ        The Athletic Auction raised about $50-60 thousand.

ˇ        With basketball offices moved over to the pavilion, the administrative offices in the Nutter Center will be renovated to provide all coaches with offices.

ˇ        All men's and women's conference basketball games will be video streamed and linked through the university's web site.

ˇ        There was a discussion of the need for a track to house the women's track team. Currently our team has to utilize local high school's tracks for practice.


ˇ        Meeting of November 18, 2005

ˇ        Coaches' Corner - Sion Brinn (swimming and diving) Sion takes over for Matt Liddy who became Assistant Athletic Director. Discussed some of the recruiting problems associated with our small, outdated pool, and all the renovation going on in the Student Union. He expects both men's and women's teams to compete for conference championships, and strives to get individuals to the NCAA Championships.

ˇ        Fall sports results: Men's Soccer - 4th, Women's Soccer - 4th, Men's Cross Country - 7th, Women's Cross Country - 7th, Volleyball  was seeded 7th but lost out in the finals of the league tournament.

ˇ        Graduation rate for athletes runs around 57-58%, but goes up to about 85% if you stretch the time frame to 10 years. They constantly strive to have their old athletes come back and finish their degree.

ˇ        It was explained that the other sports must conduct fund raisers to enable them to take any trips over the breaks (ie: swimming over the Christmas break, baseball over Spring break)

ˇ        Baseball Fundraiser - February 8, 2006     Former major leaguer Steve Garvey will be the guest speaker.


b.      Parking Services

ˇ        Meeting held on November 17, 2005

ˇ        There are 2,000 – 3,000 parking appeals each year.  The committee is considering ways to categorize appeals (valid/invalid appeal reasons) and develop improved procedures to expedite the appeals process.

ˇ        The construction of the new Biological Sciences III Building will impact lot 13 in the spring of 2006.  The committee recommended turning the raised prairie area between lots 16 and 17 into additional parking or possibly expanding parking in the area of lot 1 to offset spaces lost and meet future parking needs.

ˇ        Due to the impact of campus construction projects on current parking, it was decided to defer implementation of parking permit changes for Graduate Teaching Assistants until the fall of 2006. 


c.       Wellness and Recreation

ˇ        The Wellness and Recreation Committee met on November 9th

ˇ        Currently the committee has the following events planned:

1.      December 9th- Full Body Table Massages

2.      January- Cross Ohio Fitness Incentive Program

3.      February 18th- Dayton Bomber's Family Night

4.      April 18th- Dr. Goldenberg's Health Presentation on Diabetes


d.      University Dining Services

ˇ        Nov. 17, 2005, Room E157A SU

ˇ        Dining Services is cooperating with the WSU Admissions Office on an “Admissions’ Scavenger Hunt” between January and May 11.  This is for students accepted to WSU and visiting campus.  Sites include all dining halls and the Dunbar Library.

ˇ        “Cram Jam” was held in the Union Market on Nov. 15 (finals week) and attracted 150-170 people to get food, prizes, gifts, etc.

ˇ        Photos of Dining Services’ managers will be posted online so students can recognize them in the campus dining areas.

ˇ        Due to excessive theft in the Union Market and Hangar, undercover, plain-clothes police are patrolling these areas.

ˇ        Dining Services is staying with its originally planned hours for December.  After seeing how this goes with the intersession schedule, the subject of hours will be revisited for future intersessions.

ˇ        A student representative asked that Café Wright in the Dunbar Library be open later hours during Finals Week.  Art Neff and Tom McHugh said later hours were tried before when the coffee cart was stationed in the library and received little business.  Mr. Neff said they may revisit this idea for the future since Café Wright has opened.


e.       University Diversity Advisory Council - no report


f.        WSU Staff Council

ˇ        Reported by Joyce Howse.

ˇ        An update on the Banner implementation process was given.

1.      Overview of the financial usage that is now “live”.  CATS will be adding some functionality through Extender.

2.      Human Resources will go “live” on December 15th.  Employee Leave Forms will now be entered in Banner.   The same person in the department/area will still do this.   Leave balances will now be up-to-the minute instead of one month behind. There will still be a window to make corrections.  Some kinks are still being worked through.  Staff who work with employee and student employee time cards are encouraged to attend Banner informational sessions. All staff will have a University ID (UID). January pay will be in Banner. 

3.      A review of thee student side of Banner was given.  Registration for summer quarter 2006 will take place in Banner.


g.       Strategic Planning Council

ˇ        The Strategic Planning Committee met Nov 29. 

ˇ        Some of the important items that the committee feels will continue success are successful growth management, focus on students success, accreditation, "telling the WSU story", balance current/future needs, logistics/infrastructure and facilities, understanding our competition, focusing on national needs, hiring talented faculty and staff and nurture culture of innovation and collaboration.

ˇ        Ways emphasized to meet the current goals include enrollment management and marketing plans finalized and implemented; recruitment of high quality and diverse faculty; prioritize the campus infrastruction and strengthen relationships with 2 year institutions.

ˇ        Expanding partnerships included increased incentives for faculty research, teaching and service, increase media exposure, prioritize the WCI and hire new faculty.

ˇ        The 3rd goal includes increasing student involvement with experiential learning, promote engagement of science faculty in K-12 ed, community engagement and personal interaction with state and federal legislators.

ˇ        Iris Harvey gave a presentation on Communication and Marketing's approach to meeting Strategic Planning goals. 


V.                 Old Business

a.       PMG Study

ˇ        Mendy Beverly reports that she was reminded by staff that at the last meeting of USAC it was more important for people to get information first, even if it wasn't correct.  However HR did not follow up on that. 

ˇ        Mendy contacted Allan Boggs and was told that they are trying to balance the need of getting the data out without the fallout of potential problems of releasing it prematurely. 

ˇ        Much discussion surrounded the eventual rollout of the job classification tables.  It was strongly suggested that another series of informational sessions be made available to all staff BEFORE proceeding with rollout and appeals process.

b.      Banner

ˇ        Human Resources is planning on rolling out online time reporting on December 17th.   There seems to still be some problems not addressed.  One is how to deal with shift differential.  Another is staff no longer can split overtime between "pay" and "comp".  They must choose one or the other.   There isn't a solution on how supervisors can enter a time card for someone who is off either. 

c.       CSAC/USAC Holiday party

ˇ        Reported by Susan Yeoman

ˇ        Promotional flier should be arriving in mailboxes soon.

ˇ        Details are being solidified with Conferences and Events.

ˇ        Beavercreek Florists have donated poinsettias for centerpieces/door prizes. 

ˇ        CSAC will be having a raffle with St. Vincent’s receiving the proceeds.

ˇ        RSVPs are due by December 9th. 

d.      Staff Development Day

ˇ        December 14th

ˇ        Sessions to include Banner – Human Resources, Myers-Briggs, Stress Management, Listening and Memory

ˇ        230 people are registered

ˇ        There is still time to get registered – contact Fran Miller at x1104



VI.              New Business

a.       Libranians2Go

ˇ        Presented by Sue Polanka

ˇ        New program by the library staff.  They will come to your office to meet individually or in groups to assist with research (professional or personal). 

1.      Navigating system, advanced search, etc. 

ˇ        If you do not have a computer in your office, the library staff can provided laptops.

ˇ        Sue handed out flyers to attendees. 

ˇ        Sue also promoted the new popular reading collection (in group study room) and the library’s ability to obtain a variety of books for the staff through OhioLink.

b.      Staff Suggestion

ˇ        Reported by Linda Hockaday

ˇ        A suggestion was made that USAC look into establishing an Advisor Award (since a large portion of the unclassified staff are advisors)

ˇ        Discussion included that fact that many faculty are also advisors and that this would leave them out.

ˇ        Discussion also included that this idea be expanded to include ALL unclassified staff.  We were reminded that such as award already exists – the President’s Award for Excellence.

ˇ        The council determined that this was not something they would like to pursue at this time.

c.       Clarification of vacation hours upon separation from the university

ˇ        A recent memo from Human Resources indicated that the vacation leave accumulation policy would be on hold during the implementation of Banner. 

ˇ        A council member asked for clarification on the number of vacation leave hours the “regular” policy allows an employee to “buy out” upon separation from the university.  The council agreed that this can be found in the Wright Way Policy, which indicates that the maximum accrual is 44 days.

d.      Jury Duty Pay

ˇ        A reminder was made that employees that attend Jury Duty no longer need to turn in their Jury Duty Pay to the Bursar.  This is a change to old policy.



The meeting was adjourned by Mendy Beverly, USAC Chair at 3:32 pm.


Next Meeting:           Thursday, January 26, 2006

2:30-4:00 pm

E013 Student Union



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