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October 27, 2005

2:30 – 4:00 pm

W025 Student Union





Mendy Beverly, CATS

Linda Hockaday, College of Education and Human Services

John Sheidler, School of Medicine

Greg Kojola, School of Medicine

Kim Brumbaugh, University Center for International Education

David Hurwitz, University College

Gary Sutton, Student Loan Collections

Barb Bullock, Budget Planning and Resource Analysis

Stephanie Ours, School of Medicine

Judy Preston, School of Medicine

Mark Anderson, School of Medicine

Pat Hartzell, School of Medicine

Jason Kolz, School of Medicine

Sheryl Kent, Student Affairs

Susan Williams, College of Nursing and Health

Marianne Shreck, Research and Sponsored Programs

John Holm, University College

Al Florentine, University College

Steve Sherbet, Bursar’s Office

Robin Adams, Bursar’s Office

Steve Adams, Wright 1 Card Office

Sharon Daugherty, School of Professional Psychology

Jay Peterson, Advancement/UDAC

Dave Michol, Center for Teaching and Learning

Anne Carone, ERC/College of Education and Human Services

Rita Chislashi, University Libraries

Susan Yeoman, College of Science and Math

Lisa Bleeke, University Libraries

John White, Controller’s Office

Robin Suits, School of Medicine

Carol Vuckovich, Internal Audit

Nancy Terwood, Health Systems Management

Karin Nevius, University Libraries

Al Boggs, Human Resources

Sharon Shaw, Human Resources

Jill Oroszi, College of Nursing and Health


(The secretary apologizes for any misspelled names.  Also, a few attendees are not listed as I could not decipher the sign in sheet)


The meeting was called to order by Mendy Beverly, USAC Chair at 2:30 pm.


I.                   Welcome by Mendy Beverly


II.                Introduction of Officers in Attendance


III.             Approval of Minutes from September 29, 2005

a.  A motion was made by John Sheidler to approve the minutes of the September 29th meeting as written.

b.  Dave Hurwitz seconded the motion.

c.  The minutes were approved as written.


IV.              Committee Reports


a. Athletic Council

ˇ  Athletic Council met on Sept. 30th

ˇ  Stephen Fortson is serving as Chair for 2005-06 AC

ˇ   Mike Cusack stated the Pavilion is now completed and being utilized by the Basketball program.  Space is available to the campus community for events.

ˇ   Athletic Auction was held on Oct. 8th

ˇ   Horizon League Cross Country Championships 11 am on October 29th @ John Bryant State Park

ˇ    New coaches: Pat Ferguson for Women’s Soccer; Trina Smith for Volleyball


b.      Parking Services

ˇ   Date of meeting – 10/25/05

ˇ   The committee approved issuing Faculty/Staff, “B” parking permits to the 171 Graduate Teaching Assistants on campus.  GTA’s are currently issued student “C” parking permits.  Current B/C spaces will be adjusted to accommodate this change.

ˇ    Discussed a student request for visitor spaces in student housing areas.  Student permits in these areas are issued on a 1:1 ratio and so there are no “extra” spaces available. Agreed that current policies are adequate.

ˇ    Selected 3 committee members to serve on the parking appeals committee.  This process will be reviewed to see how it might be made more efficient.  There are currently about 3,000 appeals per year making the current process very time-consuming.

ˇ    Director of Parking, Rob Kretzer, has proposed an additional parking lot in the area between lots 16 and 17 (FAWC/Russ areas) that is currently raised prairie grass.  This is to help offset the loss of spots in lot 13 associated with the proposed expansion of the Biological Sciences building.


c.       Wellness and Recreation

ˇ    The Wellness and Recreation Committee met on October 12th

ˇ    Currently the committee is being led by Jenny "Alex" Alexander until the position of Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness in Campus Recreation is filled.

ˇ    The Committee decided that it was important to increase visibility across campus and to encourage staff to voice their ideas regarding quality programming.  Please forward ideas to Amber Gullett, gullett.8@wright.edu Junk or Gems- October 18th and November 2nd

ˇ    Workshop to help find reliable health information

ˇ    Reference librarians at the Fordham Health Sciences Library will offer two workshops to help health care consumers find the most reliable Web sites. Sponsored by the Wellness and Recreation Committee, "Junk or Gems? Finding Health Information on the Internet" will be offered on Tuesday, Oct. 18, from noon to 12:45 p.m., or Wednesday, Nov. 2, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Both sessions will be held in 125 Medical Sciences.


d.      University Dining Services

ˇ    The University Dining Service Advisory Committee met Oct. 20, 2005, in Room E103 SU.

ˇ    The Café Wright coffee bar opened Oct. 3 in the Dunbar Library Group Study Room. It is open 8 am – 3:30 pm Mon – Fri. during academic quarters. For the renovated Group Study Room’s official Grand Re-Opening on Friday, Oct. 28, the Libraries are hosting an open house 10-11 am with giveaway items to the first 200 people & free refreshments.  Café Wright itself is having a special 8 am – Noon Friday: With every pastry purchase, people can then purchase a coffee for 25 cents. Every purchaser gets a raffle ticket for a drawing of: an iPod, MP3 player, or $25 dining services gift certificates.

ˇ    The December inter-sessions were introduced to the committee.  They are not certain how it will affect Dining Svcs.

ˇ    Art Neff noted that the university’s 2005-06 food service plans are $620 ($700 in certain residence halls), the second lowest university dining plan in Ohio.  More prices stayed the same as last year or decreased.

ˇ    The Landing Strip experienced delivery problems so the committee had RFPs for local delivery businesses.  Donato’s, Domino’s, and Marco’s responded.  Donato’s won the taste test and has a 3-year contract to serve the campus Fridays and Saturdays. Students can use their food points up to $50.  It’s well received so far.

ˇ    Theft in the dining halls and bookstore has brought up the possibility of hiring plain-clothes detectives to observe in these areas. No action or decisions on this yet.

ˇ    Request for Proposals for Food Services will go out next year. Sodexho will be on the list to submit.

ˇ    Student representatives said how much they enjoy serving on the Dining Service Advisory Committee. One rep said that it’s the only campus committee that she feels she has impact on.  All were very enthusiastic. Some student concerns raised were C-Store high prices.


e. University Diversity Advisory Council

ˇ  The UDAC met on October 24, 2005.

ˇ  Convened by Jacqueline McMillan

ˇ  The Sub-Committees Met to formalize the 2005-2006 Initiatives/Goals in accordance with the WSU goals and objectives.

o The Subcommittee on Curriculum and Scholarship reported their initiatives:

1.  Identify funding sources for the Presidential Lecture Series focused on Diversity

2.  Complete a review of the General Education Curriculum to identify what areas of diversity are included in the courses

3.  (tentative) Review the Academic Program Review Process to determine if the process includes any topics/measures of how programs assess learning about diversity within the majors

o  *The Subcommittee on Community is finalizing their initiatives but will focus on:

1. Dayton Dialogue on Race Relations – helping to get facilitators into the Dayton community.

2. Presidential Speakers focus.  Will continue to seek speakers to speak on a variety of diversity issues.  Finding corporate/private sponsorship for the continuation of this speakers series will be a priority.

o *The Subcommittee on Recruitment/Retention is also finalizing their initiatives, but appears the foci will be:

1. “Best Practice” Policies brochure for hiring and retaining minority employees (faculty and staff)

2.  Facilitating an internship program for students of area community colleges to work at WSU

3.  Formalizing some of the many support networks that already exist (and coordinating the efforts) with regards to providing mentors to minority students from within the WSU community.

ˇ  *These committees will be meeting shortly to vote upon, and to firm up their initiatives for this academic year.


f.        WSU Staff Council

ˇ  No report this month


g.       Strategic Planning Council

ˇ   No report this month


V.                 Old Business

a. PMG Classification Study - Alan Boggs, HR

ˇ  Alan Boggs introduces Sharon Shaw who is working on this project in detail

ˇ  Alan presented a history of the project as a point of information for those present

o  Need for classification and compensation study in an effort to ensure pay equity and parity.  This started with a smaller group of unclassified staff, but it was then determined that the study should be extended across the entire unclassified staff group.

o  Started with a PDQ process last year. 

ˇ  Alan shared the current status of the project

o   A title structure has been developed with the assistance of a consultant; based on the study, WSU has over 500 job titles.  In addition it was determined that WSU would pursue a system of Job Families – similar jobs around the university will be group in the same job family regardless of the department in which the individual person works.  One issue to deal with – creating titles in the job class structure that are relevant in comparison to our colleagues in higher education but also leave some flexibility at the department level.  A recommendation being made to senior administration is to incorporate titles that will be matched up to other universities but to also allow “working titles” as long as the don’t misrepresent a position, create a conflict of interest or conflict with an assigned title in another position.

ˇ   Recently a CD was sent to all Deans and Vice Presidents with the basic title structure, the family structure and information specific to each Dean or Vice President's building structure.  The goal is to make sure that senior administration understands the system and to allow for feedback/problem solving before the system rollout.  In the future, the elements of this plan will be available for review on the Human Resources website.

ˇ    Procedures will be in place to deal with questions about or disagreements with a classification.  Human Resources would like to develop a peer review process involving a small group of unclassified staff.  The Office of Human Resources and Provost’s Office will also be involved.

ˇ    Several policy issues regarding pay structure/increases/stipends still need to be addressed.

ˇ    FAQs will be on Human Resources webpage as soon as possible.

ˇ    At this point, the system is a classification structure ONLY.  Salary decisions will not be addressed until the classification system is in place.  The Office of Human Resources plans to present a plan to the senior administration by Spring 2006.

ˇ    Point of Clarification- this structure is not tied to the implementation of Banner.  Payroll for January 1 will not be affected.  However, the classification system will be integrated with Banner in the long term. 

ˇ    If there is a concern that your PDQ has changed since the time it was completed, you can bring this to the attention of the Office of Human Resources by communicating through your Dean/VP or by contacting the office directly when the information is provided to you for review.

ˇ    A request was made that the timeline for this project be update on the Human Resources websites.


VI.              New Business

a. Changing the USAC Charter

ˇ   Our charter currently excludes the unclassified hourly staff when in fact they should be included in our group.

ˇ   The charter currently reads:

                         “All Wright State University unclassified personnel, except hourly unclassified,

                              shall be defined as unclassified staff.”

ˇ  It was proposed that the language be changed to:

“All Wright State University unclassified personnel, including hourly unclassified, shall be defined as unclassified staff.”

ˇ  A motion was made, seconded and passed to make this change effectively immediately.  Linda Hockaday, USAC Secretary, will make this change on the USAC website.


b.      Foundations of Excellence Survey

ˇ    Some staff will be receiving a survey via email.  Please complete that survey to assist in the collection of information on the first year student programming at WSU.


c.       CSAC/USAC Holiday Party

ˇ   Scheduled for December 15, 2005

ˇ   Mary Healy was scheduled to be the CSAC chair.  However, she is now employed as an unclassified hourly staff person.

ˇ    Mary has agreed to be our representative for the Holiday Party planning group.

ˇ    A second volunteer from USAC is needed. Anyone interested should contact Mendy Beverly at 775-4013 or mendy.Beverly@wright.edu.


d.      Staff Concern

ˇ    A council member brought forth a concern that was shared by an unclassified staff person.  The concern surrounds the filling of unclassified positions without that position be posted. It was suggested that the council look into this issue to see if there were any policies regarding posting requirements.  Mendy will start a discussion with the Office of Human Resources to explore this question.


 The meeting was adjourned by Mendy Beverly, USAC Chair at 4:17 pm.


Next Meeting:           Thursday, December 1, 2005

2:30-4:00 pm

E041 Student Unin


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