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June 29, 2006

2:30 – 4:00 pm

E157 Student Union



Mendy Beverly, CATS

Linda Hockaday, College of Education and Human Services

John Sheidler, School of Medicine

Gary Sutton, Student Loan Collections

Jay Peterson, Advancement/UDAC

Joyce Howes, College of Science and Math

Karin Nevius, University Libraries

Greg Kojola, School of Medicine

Barb Bullock, Institutional Research

Matthew Feltner, Library Technical Services

Mary Healea, Dunbar Library

Patrick Kachurek, CATS

Chris Wydman, Dunbar Library/Special Collections

Amy Merhige, Marketing and Communications


The meeting was called to order by Mendy Beverly, USAC Chair at 2:30 pm.


I. Welcome by Mendy Beverly


II. Committee Reports

      a.  Athletic Council

  • May 26, 2006 - the final meeting of the year

  • The baseball team is hosting the Horizon League Championships - they have won their first two games.  Note: The baseball won the Horizon League Championship and played in the NCAA Tournament in Oregon. They were beaten in the first round by Oregon State, the eventual National Champs.

  • The athletic department will now use the Wright State Orthopedic Group for their medical purposes.

  • They are in the process of adding full-time athletic trainers to the program, both in the academic program and actual team trainers.

  • June 4 is the annual athletic awards banquet at Hope Hotel at WPAFB.

  • June 29 is the retirement dinner for Paul Newman, Associate Athletic Director.

  • The biggest news of the year was the opening of the pavilion.

  • We have added a new men's basketball coach, and a cross country and track coach recently.

  • There are no short or long range plans for building a track at Wright State.

  • Mike Sincoff will be the Chairman of the Athletic Committee for the next year.

  • Sheryl Kent has concluded her two year term on Athletic Council as a USAC Rep. Thanks for your work Sheryl!


      b.      Parking Services - no report


      c.       Wellness and Recreation - no report


      d.      University Dining Services

  • Sodexho has received a 3 year contract with renewal options to begin on July 1, 2006.


      e.       University Diversity Advisory Council - no report


      f.        WSU Staff Council - no report


      g.       Strategic Planning Council - no report at this time (minutes of meeting are pending)


V. Old Business

     a. Staff Development Day

  • The spring SDD went very well, although attendance seemed a bit lower than at past events.  Human Resources will have a new person on staff devoted to staff training.  This person may be helpful in planning future SDDs.


      b. USAC Elections

  • We have been unable to get a list of unclassified staff that is divided by Academic and Academic Support designations.  In order to complete the elections in a timely fashion, USAC decided to submit the entire list to the unclassified staff with a letter of explanation.


VI.            VI. New Business

      a.  USAC Elections - The new members of USAC are: Patrick Kachurek, Mary Healea, Chris

          Wydman and Amy Merhige.  Outgoing members include: Mendy Beverly, Jill Oroszi, Joyce

          Howes and Marianne Shreck.

      b. Charter Update - The Council voted to update the charter to remove the separation of members

          between Academics and Academic Support for purposes of elections.

      c. Unclassified Staff Survey Results - the survey has been completed and results are being tallied.

          The final results will be posted to the USAC website soon.

      d. Election of USAC Officers:  Greg Kojola was elected to the position of Secretary; Barb Bullock

          was elected to the position of Chair-Elect.  John Sheidler assumes the position of Chair.



The meeting was adjourned by Mendy Beverly, USAC Chair at 3:15 pm.

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