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March 30, 2006

2:30 – 4:00 pm

E157 Student Union





Mendy Beverly, CATS

Linda Hockaday, College of Education and Human Services

John Sheidler, School of Medicine

Jason Kohlhepp, School of Medicine

David Hurwitz, University College

Gary Sutton, Student Loan Collections

Jay Peterson, Advancement/UDAC

Susan Yeoman, College of Science and Math

Joyce Howes, College of Science and Math

Karin Nevius, University Libraries

Chris Watson, University Libraries

Derrick Williams, College of Nursing and Health

Jill Oroszi, College of Nursing and Health

Mike Coyle, Grounds Maintenance

Al Boggs, Human Resources

Sharon Shaw, Human Resources

Sharon Daugherty, School of Professional Psychology

Karin DuChesne, Accounts Payable

Carol Vuckovich, Internal Audit

Helen Dean, Environmental Health and Safety

Richard Zech, College of Liberal Arts


The meeting was called to order by Mendy Beverly, USAC Chair at 2:30 pm.


I.                   Welcome by Mendy Beverly


II.                Approval of Minutes from February 23, 2006

        A motion was made by Susan Yeoman to approve the January 26, 2005 minutes as written.

        Joyce Howse seconded the motion.

        The minutes were approved as written.


III.             Committee Reports

a.       Athletic Council

        Athletic Council met on February 24, 2006

        Coaches Corner- Coach Mike Larabee- Women's Softball- updated the council on the progress of the team

        Student Athlete Advisory Committee collected and distributed Teddy Bears to the Children's Hospital for Valentine's Day

        Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was held on Feb. 11

        Athletic Dept. will meet with Robert Sweeney over the next few months to develop a strategic plan to be in place for Fall 2006

        Events this week include:

1.      March 28 - 2:00 p.m. - Softball vs. Ohio (DH)

2.      March 28 - 3:00 p.m. - Baseball at Ball State

3.      March 28 - 3:00 p.m. - Men's Tennis at Xavier

4.      March 31 - ALL DAY - Golf at EKU Spring Intercollegiate

5.      March 31 - 6:00 p.m. - Baseball vs. UW-Milwaukee

6.      April 01 - ALL DAY - Women's Track at Nikoloff Invitational

7.      April 01 - ALL DAY - Golf at EKU Spring Intercollegiate

8.      April 01 - 10:00 a.m. - Women's Tennis vs. Cleveland State

9.      April 01 - 1:00 p.m. - Softball at Youngstown State (DH)

10.  April 01 - 1:00 p.m. - Baseball vs. UW-Milwaukee (DH)

        Next AC Meeting is scheduled for March 31, 2006


b.      Parking Services

        No report at this time.


c.       Wellness and Recreation

        Brown Team (Dunbar Library/CATS CTL) won the 1st Annual University Cup Challenge 2006


d.      University Dining Services

        Met on March 16, 2006

        Marketing Survey is ongoing


e.       University Diversity Advisory Council

        The 'best practices in recruiting diverse faculty' developed by Juanita Wehrle-Einhorn and others is going through review by the Provost.  When approved, a similar one will be developed with regards to unclassified staff.

        The outreach sub committee chaired by Dr. Stephen Fortson, reported that WSU Human Resources conducted a pilot open house March 2 at WSU Student Union for Sinclair Community College particularly (heavily advertized at Sinclair), and they are planning a few others that might help WSU achieve broader and more diverse applicant pools for new hires at WSU.

        The sub committee on Community chaired by Dr. Dan DeStephan is continuing to seek funding opportunities that will assist in bringing in top speakers for the Presidential Speaker's series.


f.        WSU Staff Council

        Met on March 8, 2006

        Salary Increase Calculations – raise information is not available at this time.  Discussion was had that the across the board raise would happen like normal but the percentage had not been determined.

        Faculty Senate has approved an early retirement package.  It has not yet been approved at the next level.  The next step will be to discuss this item with USAC and CSAC.

        Staff Development Day Update

1.      Met on March 21, 2006

2.      Robert distributed a summary of the evaluations/comments from the SDD 12/14/05.  He also passed around the pictures taken at the SDD 12/14/05.  He suggested that the committee members consider using the pictures to advertise the next SDD being held on June 19, 2006.

3.      Allan informed the committee that HR should have a full-time trainer on staff by July 1, 2006.  The committee agreed that the new HR trainer should be asked to be on the committee to assist with planning of future SDD’s.

4.      Many suggestions were made concerning the speaker during lunch.  The committee agreed to ask Vicky Davidson, Associate Vice-President, Facilities Planning and Development, to speak on the many new things happening at WSU.  Tami indicated that Vicky has a power point presentation that hi-lights the new construction, etc.  Joyce suggested that we ask Vicky to provide a handout that gives beginning and ending dates of the new constructions and any projects she would like to hi-light.  Robert agreed to contact Vicky.  Once we have confirmation that this is a go, Fran will contact Linda to ask her to cancel our commitment to Cea Cohen Elliott.

5.      Topics for SDD sessions:

a.       Workplace Violence—it was agreed that extra time may be needed for this session.  Robert and Fran will work on the timing of the session.

b.      Sexual Harassment—it was agreed that extra time may be needed for this session.  Robert and Fran will work on the timing of the session.

c.       Managing Your Boss—to include presentation skills/professionalism/business etiquette/networking, etc.

d.      Parenting Your Parents—this was discussed at great length by the committee.  JohnS suggested this session as a way to give some in-depth information concerning, where to begin when your parents require assistance taking care of their daily needs (doctor visits, daily assistance, full care, power-of-attorney-health/financial, DNR, Medicare issues, etc) and maybe couple this with retirement, estate planning, financial planning/retirement planning/what to expect, etc.

e.       Health & Wellness—Must I Eat Pebbles and Twigs?—the committee discussed having someone from Health & Wellness Council (?) discuss healthy living options, possibly discuss healthy cooking (maybe demonstrate??).  Fran found this on-line at Student Health-possibly someone from there could conduct a session:  In addition to functioning as caregivers and administrators of treatment, the Student Health Services staff strive to be educators and promote wellness. This positive approach to living emphasizes the total person; social, occupational, spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional.

f.        HR—What’s In It For Me?—also discussed was giving an in-depth perspective on HR and how to utilize all that the department offers (e.g. Employee Assistance Program, applying for an internal position, etc).

6.      Joyce agreed to provide the committee with the “Theme” for SDD.  This is used for the Save This Date flyer and all informational pieces for SDD.

7.      Once the theme is established, JohnB will forward the flyer to Fran for distribution to the WSU community.  Once this has been done, then CSAC/USAC will be able to establish links from their websites.

8.      The next committee meeting is scheduled for April 18, 2006.


g.       Strategic Planning Council

        No report at this time.

        Next meeting in May


V.                 Old Business

a.       Update on Classification Process

        The peer review process is progressing.  The committee received @66-67 appeals (out of @800 employees).  This percentage is below that of comparable organizations that have gone through the same process.  After the peer review process is complete, HR will send individual communications indicating classifications and pay bands to all employees.  The target date for this is late April.

        If you did not submit an appeal, but your PDQ has changed significantly since it was completed: talk with your manager.  If you have had a change (at least 25%) in your position or if it is an equity issue, your manager can 1) ask for an audit or 2) make a special salary request.

        HR is working on the Administration Manual (Policies and Guidelines) and intends to add structure to the compensation decision-making process.

        Concurrently, the market analysis is continuing but might not be complete before the end of the fiscal year.  This survey will help determine how many employees may need to seek a review process to change pay bands.

        HR is considering a number of means of communicating this information, including the use of the HR website.

        HR is also in the process of streamlining the pay increase system – timeline, process, communication, etc.

        Please channel all questions regarding this process to Buddy Barry, Tamara Jones or your HR representative.


VI.              New Business

a.       Unclassified Hourly Staff – Placement in grade bands

        These staff members will be added into the classification/pay band system in a similar fashion.  HR is currently reviewing PDQs.  The target date is to have this done by early May.

b.      USAC Elections

                                                               i.      Mendy has requested an list of unclassified staff from HR.  There seems to be some difficulty in obtaining list split by Academic and Academic Support.  Discussion was had to determine if this is important.  Discussion surrounded the desire to ensure representation from both groups.  No decision was made at this time.


The meeting was adjourned by Mendy Beverly, USAC Chair at 3:25 pm.


Next Meeting:           Thursday, April 27, 2006

2:30-4:00 pm

E157 Student Union

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