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February 23, 2006

2:30 – 4:00 pm

E041 Student Union





Mendy Beverly, CATS

Linda Hockaday, College of Education and Human Services

John Sheidler, School of Medicine

Jason Kohlhepp, School of Medicine

David Hurwitz, University College

Gary Sutton, Student Loan Collections

Marianne Shreck, Research and Sponsored Programs

Jay Peterson, Advancement/UDAC

Susan Yeoman, College of Science and Math

Karin Nevius, University Libraries

Chris Watson, University Libraries

Mary Kenton, Honors Program

Jill Oroszi, College of Nursing and Health

Mike Coyle, Grounds Maintenance



The meeting was called to order by Mendy Beverly, USAC Chair at 2:30 pm.


I.                   Welcome by Mendy Beverly


II.                Approval of Minutes from January 26, 2006

        A motion was made by Jill Orozsi to approve the January 26, 2005 minutes as written.

        John Sheidler seconded the motion.

        The minutes were approved as written.


III.             Committee Reports

a.       Athletic Council

        Meeting of January 27, 2006

        Coaches' Corner was with Trina Smith, Volleyball coach. 13-12 season with runner-up finish in league tournament.

        Academic Affairs - 57 athletes on Horizon League Fall Academic Honor Roll (3.25 GPA), over 150 student athletes and support programs to be recognized at half-time of the February 11th basketball game for having a GPA of 3.0 or better.

        Grade reports for Fall quarter were presented with all athletes average just under 3.0, but still above the university average as a whole.

        February 3-4 Coach Biancardi to meet with NCAA investigators concerning the ongoing investigation at Ohio State. NCAA's findings are due out in mid-March.

        February 4 - Million Dollar Shootout promotion where one lucky fan will have a three quarter court shot for $1 million.

        February 4 - 10 to be inducted into basketball "Wall of Fame" including Wright State employee Abdul Ahmad (known as Rick Martin when he played here).

        February 11 - 5  to be inducted into WSU Hall of Fame including long time baseball coach Ron Nischwitz.

        Next meeting February 24, 2006.


b.      Parking Services

        No report at this time.


c.       Wellness and Recreation

        The Wellness and Recreation Committee met on February 8, 2006

        Cross Ohio and the University Cup Challenge are running concurrently through March

        Dayton Bomber's Family Night on Feb. 18th was a success with over 50 tickets sold

        Fun Fact - Over 1,300 visits so far this quarter for group fitness classes

        Currently the committee has the following events planned:

1.      Chair Massage - second Fri of every month

2.      March 3rd WSU Quiz Bowl

3.      March 7th Individual Triathlon

4.      March 8th Low Ropes Challenge Course

5.      April 18th- Dr. Goldenberg's Health Presentation on Diabetes

6.      May 4th blood drive

7.  June 21st - Faculty, Staff, and Retiree picnic


d.      University Dining Services

  • Notes from Feb. 16 meeting

  • Sampling of Taste of Sodexho

A sampling table will be set up for those who would like to taste the featured food before buying.  Because the atrium is closed for renovations, vendors have set up tables outside the Union Market but the sampling table will be available at the Union Market

  • New Catering Manager

Amy Jones became the new Catering Manager starting February 6.  She is a graduate of Wright State and has worked at Miami Valley Hospital for the last 13 years.  She will be introduced at the Catering Expo on Feb. 23.

  • Catering Marketing

Wright State students majoring in Marketing have been asked to conduct research for the Catering Department, targeting departments that have not been using WSU’s Catering.  Hopefully, we can educate them on the advantages of using WSU Catering.  Art Neff said at one time departments were not allowed to use off campus catering companies but a couple of years ago the policy changed.  If they are not using Dining Services, the departments must notify the Conference and Events office to insure they are using approved catering companies with appropriate insurance.  Also, by using the Conference & Events office insures that appropriate health standards are met.  If someone gets sick, the University needs to know how the food was prepared and who did it.  This is part of the food process required by Ohio health regulations.

  • Online Ordering for Catering

The Sodexho home office is experimenting with the Internet Ordering System and Wright State has been chosen to try this new concept.  The idea is that if a department needs to arrange a catered event, they will be able to do it over the internet.  Art advised Sodexho to contact CATS before proceeding with this test.

  • RFP

                 Sodexho has been doing a great job on campus for the last ten years; however, it has been

                determined to open Dining Services for bids.  Request for Proposals (RFP) have been mailed

                out to nine companies including Sodexho.  These companies are invited to come on campus

                on March 6 for a mandatory meeting and question and answer session.  After that, those who

                would like to file a proposal must have it here before April 7.  Art said he would like to get

                the committee involved with this process.  It will be time consuming because the same amount

                of attention given to each bid must be equal.  Art will discuss the RFP schedule at the next

                Dining Services meeting.  Once the RFP’s are received on April 7, the work and selection

                process begins


e.       University Diversity Advisory Council


f.        WSU Staff Council

        No report at this time.

        Next meeting will be held in March.


g.       Strategic Planning Council

        No report at this time.


V.                 Old Business

a.       Staff Surveys

        Mendy Beverly provided a draft of a possible survey form (based on the recent Classified Staff Survey) for discussion. 

        An online format is being considered, but one concern is the anonymity of this method.

        Anyone interested in participating on a subcommittee for the creation and implementation of this survey should contact Mendy. 

b.      Classification Study/Peer Review Process

        The Human Resources Department held three update meetings last week.  Several members of the USAC Committee attended.  The general feeling was that very few questions were raised during these meetings.

        Concerns, based on feedback USAC Committee members have received:

1.      The timeline for submitting appeals was very short.  Is it possible for the deadline to be extended?  Mendy will share this concern with HR.

2.      There was also short notice for the update meetings mentioned above.  The concern is that many staff may not have been able to attend.

3.      Deans and VPs were not able to review the pay band assignments prior to the information being published on the HR website.  They had no opportunity for input.

4.      The Peer Review process is in place for the July 1, 2006 pay raise consideration.  What is the process beyond that time frame?  The committee believes that after July 1, 2006 the appeal process would revert to the position audit process used in the past.

5.      The appeal process deals with classification placements only.  It does not consider salary bands.  Is there a process to appeal salary bands?

6.      Do unclassified staff members have any appeal process beyond that at the campus level?  At this time, we do not.  It was suggested that we might want to look into this on a state level.

7.      The Market Study which could assist in evaluating salary bands has not been completed at this time.

8.      Has any analysis of the restructuring effects on unclassified staff been completed? E.G. How many staff are now below the 50% point of their salary band compared to the previous classification.  How many staff have been moved towards the ceiling of a salary band?  Mendy will ask HR to complete this type of analysis.


VI.              New Business

a.       Chair Massages for students

        University Libraries will be offering free chair massages for students during exam week.  Chair massages are scheduled for March 14th.  This event is cosponsored with the Commuter Student Association and Student Support Services.

        Times of the event and additional details will be forthcoming.


The meeting was adjourned by Mendy Beverly, USAC Chair at 3:05 pm.


Next Meeting:           Thursday, March 30, 2006

2:30-4:00 pm

E157 Student Union

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