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January 26, 2006

2:30 – 4:00 pm

E103 Student Union



Susan Yeoman             College of Science and Math

John Sheidler                Boonshoft School of Medicine

Jason Kohlhepp            Boonshoft School of Medicine 

Greg Kojola                 Boonshoft School of Medicine

Marianne Shreck          RSP

Gary Sutton                  Student Loan Collections

Steve Adams                Wright I Card

Mike Coyle                  Physical Plant – Grounds

Jill Oroszi                     College of Nursing

Edwin Mayes               University College

Jay Peterson                 Advancement/UDAC

Karin Nevius                University Libraries

Chris Watson               University Libraries

Mendy Beverly             CATS

Linda Hockaday           College of Education and Human Services


The meeting was called to order by Mendy Beverly, USAC Chair at 2:35 pm.


I.                   Welcome by Mendy Beverly


II.                Approval of Minutes from December 1, 2005

  A motion was made by John Sheidler to approve the December 1, 2005 minutes as written.

  Chris Newton seconded the motion.

  The minutes were approved as written.


III.             Committee Reports

a.       Athletic Council

  No report

  Next meeting – January 27, 2006, 8 am


b.      Parking Services

   No report – have not met recently


c.       Wellness and Recreation

   The committee is now being led by Chris Erwin, the new Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness in Campus Recreation.

    The Committee has planned and initiated a new wellness program- The University Cup Challenge, for more information contact Chris Erwin, or visit http://www.wright.edu/admin/wellness/index.html

    Cross Ohio registration is available through Campus Recreation Office

    Presentation by Jackie Bergdahl, Social Component of the Wellness Wheel (University Cup Challenge) Friday, January 27th at 12:10 p.m. in  Discovery A ( E163 SU)

   Future Events:

1.      Scrapbooking- Feb 1st and Feb 8th, 12-1:00 p.m.

2.      Dayton Bombers WSU Family Fun Night- Feb. 18th, 6:00 p.m.


d.      University Dining Services

   Met January 19th

   Customer Service - Lines and Registers - Procedures for opening cash registers in Union Market have been changed to help customer flow out of Union Market.  Instead of cashiers having their stands back to back, they will be opened, as needed, side by side as business warrants.  This new procedure will allow for less confusion and shorter lines for customers at the checkout stands.

    Condiment Stands - A change will soon appear in Union Market.  The plan is to convert and remove one of the cashiers' stands.  The cashiers' stands will be converted and placed in the Dining Room as a condiment stand.  Also, it will be lowered to accommodate students in wheelchairs.

    A new Catering Manager has been hired.  Her name is Amy Jones and she comes to us from Miami Valley Hospital where she was the Catering Supervisor.  Her starting date is February 6, 2006.  Amy is a 1997 graduate of Wright State University and we welcome her to Dining Services.

    Business Services is working on a Request for Proposal for a food service contract.  Sodexho has been with Wright State University for ten years and has done a great job.  This RFP will go out to five to six contractors. This contract will be awarded before June, 2006.


e.       University Diversity Advisory Council


    A WSU "Best Practice" Recommendations for Diverse Faculty Recruitment has been developed under the leadership of Juanita Wehrle-Einhorn.  It has been submitted to the Provost for review.  Upon his review, we will then submit to UDAC.  After that has occurred, a similar document will be created to address unclassified staff.


    Subcommittee B Minutes, January 23, 2006

    Attending: Dan DeStephen, Paul Carlson, Berkwood Farmer, Charlotte Harris, Ruby Mawasha, Iris Harvey

    Presidential Lecture Series

o   The Subcommittee discussed the status of the Presidential Lecture Series Project.

o   Speaker for Spring 2006: Dan DeStephen and Iris Harvey will send a request to Provost Hopkins for time on the January 31st COD meeting to solicit suggestions from the Deans. In addition, Dan DeStephen will place an announcement on the faculty and staff list serves soliciting names.

o   Speaker for Fall 2006: Dan DeStephen will include in his email to the Provost a request that the Deans bring with them to the COD meeting on the 31st a list of any speakers they are looking to bring in the Fall who might be designed as Presidential Speakers

o   Speaker for Winter 2007: The Subcommittee decided to wait the final selection of the new director of the Bolinga Center to coordinate the selection of a speaker.

o   Funding for Presidential Speakers: Dan DeStephen will follow up with Marsha Muller to see if a fund has been started to solicit support for Presidential Speakers

        Diversity within the General Education Program

o   The Subcommittee discussed the status of the proposed review of how general education is meeting the university’s diversity goals. Given that the General Education Assessment Plan has just been approved by the university and that the university is hiring a new coordinator for General Education, the Subcommittee decided to review the General Education Assessment Plans and to work with the new GE coordinator to identify the information the Subcommittee is seeking. Dan DeStephen will contact Susan Carrafiello to acquire the GE assessment plans and distribute them to the other Subcommittee members. Based on the review of the Assessment Plan, the Subcommittee might decide to abandon its plans to survey GE faculty with the survey developed last year or work with the new GE Coordinator to administer the Subcommittee’s survey.

        Diversity within the Program Review Process

o   The Subcommittee discussed the status of the proposed review of the Academic Program Review Process as a means to inform the Subcommittee on the status of learning about diversity within the major. Dan DeStephen will contact Vice-President Howard to invite her or Joe Law to come to a Subcommittee meeting to:

o   Provide the Subcommittee with an overview of the Academic Review Process

o   Discuss what data-to-date has been gathered that relates to the Subcommittee’s interest on learning about how majors incorporate the learning of diversity within their majors

o   Discuss how the data gather by the Academic Review Process will be used by the university

o   Discuss what role, if any, the Subcommittee might have in advancing the ability of the Academic Review Process to better enable the university to meet its diversity goals.

  Dan DeStephen reminded the Subcommittee of the scheduled February 24th full meeting of the UDAC at 2:00 pm



f.        WSU Staff Council

    Al Boggs and Bill Rickert report that they are currently working on the raise process.  One question is whether or not there is a way to consider longevity in this process.  Comments and Suggestions are welcome.

    Iris Harvey, Communications and Marketing reports that WSU will be participating in a “Best Places to Work in Dayton” contest.  Her office may request stories about working at WSU from staff.

    NCA Accreditation information will be coming out on the WSU Home page soon.  Please review it when it becomes available.  Forward questions and concerns to the WSU Staff Council.

    New Faculty Contract Coming Soon – something new is a clause for parental accommodations.  

    Classified and Unclassified committees are being created to discuss this idea.  Other items for discussion – personal days, bereavement days, 4-hour rule (creating a standard policy).  Meeting information will be coming soon.  Please forward questions and comments to WSU Staff Council.

    PMG Study – A memo will be coming out soon requesting volunteers from the unclassified staff to serve as peer reviewers in the instance that a staff member contests their classification.  Interested staff members should contact Mendy Beverly.  The classifications should be available shortly.  HR will send an email when the information is viewable.


g.       Strategic Planning Council

     No report 


V.                 Old Business

a.       PMG Study

    The classifications should be available shortly.  HR will send an email when the information is viewable.

    A memo will be coming out soon requesting volunteers from the unclassified staff to serve as peer reviewers in the instance that a staff member contests their classification.  Interested staff members should contact Mendy Beverly.


VI.              New Business

a.       Unclassified Staff Survey

    Mendy shared a copy of the classified staff survey recently sent out via email.

    The group discussed whether or not it is time to do a survey for unclassified staff.  It was agreed that with the recent changes at WSU, this would be a good idea.

   Mendy will locate the survey completed in 2003 to use as a starting point.

b.      Staff Development Day

   The evaluations have been distributed and results should be available soon.

   The next Staff Development Day is being planned for June.

c.       Website Templates

   Greg Kojola shared that we will have templates available to us to update the USAC website to match the new WSU website layout.  These templates should be available soon.

d.      WINGS USAC Group

   The WINGS group is not being used very much.  Traffic was high right after implementation, but it has slowed down tremendously.

    Mendy will send an invitation to all unclassified staff to join the WINGS group.


The meeting was adjourned by Mendy Beverly, USAC Chair.


Next Meeting:           Thursday, February 23, 2006

2:30-4:00 pm

E041 Student Union

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